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Slime Frontier - A Blog About Slime

Welcome to Dope Slime's blog! Start here to learn endless tips and advice on the wonderful world of slime.

How To Use Putty To Relieve Stress

Since the birth of silly putty, putty has come a long way. Here are a few ways to use this moldable, smooth material to process thoughts and cast away stress.

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Fun and Easy Styrofoam Ball Crafts

Need simple craft projects for the kids? Styrofoam is a great material to work with. Here are a few ideas that show how a little creativity can go a long way.

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The Difference Between Air Dry and Polymer Clay

Are you curious about clay? Let's uncover what makes these two general types of clay diverse from one another and compare the benefits of each for projects.

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A Gift Guide for Your Slime-Obsessed Kid

Kids love the simple joy of playing with stretchy, gooey slime. Here are a few perfect gift ideas for your kiddo who can’t enough of the squishy stuff.

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The Link Between Slime and ASMR

Why is the internet so obsessed with the odd satisfaction of slime? Discover here the lingering connection between the slime appeal and sensations of ASMR.

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The History Behind the Slime Trend

Slime has become a recognizable symbol of modern childhood. Let’s take a step back to examine the history behind the latest and squishiest trend.

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What You Can Make Out of Slime

The possibilities of slime creations are up to the imagination. We’ve put together a few ideas for some DYI projects to get your creative juices flowing.

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Understanding How Slime Is Made

Slime: the world’s squishiest craft. Your kid’s favorite science project. Read on for a comprehensive explanation of the slime-making process.

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Fun Projects You Can Do with Air Dry Clay

Potential is in your hands to be shaped and molded. Here are several enjoyable projects we thought up to help you and the kids get creative with air dry clay.

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The Difference Between Slime and Putty

Slime and putty are both endless fun to play with, but what are their core differences? Keep on reading to discover the two biggest in detail.

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Kids get bored—that’s just inevitable. When considering how to keep your kids entertained, we thought up three important points that’ll help parents everywhere.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Play With Slime

Because parents are unfamiliar with it, they sometimes don’t buy into the slime hype. For that reason, here’s a guide to the broad benefits of slime time.

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