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Dope Slimes Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about their slime. With over 20000 reviews, we are proud of our our nearly perfect customer ratings.

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What over 20,000 of our customers have to say:

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This slime is the best. I absolutely love the texture and scent.

Best slime ever!

Best slime ever!!

Cherry Bomb
Robert Ramsey ll
Excellent butter slime!

This slime was a 10/10! It came in great condition and did no have to activate it, the cherry smell is so insane I've had it for about 2 weeks and every time I open it it's as good as new no need for any lotion or baby oil! 😀 I recommend this product 👌 to anyone who is a slimelover like me and I will be buying from dope slimes many times more in the future. Thank you!

Rainbow Sherbet
Jessica Norman
Daughter is a slime connoisseur

When she received this package she said and I quote “Best Slime EVER”. She loves all “Dopeslimes”.

Candy cane

It smells and feels just like advertised. It is nice to play with while watching tv.

Rose memory

Smells just like fresh cut roses. It is my favorite slime so far

Bubblegum Ice-Cream
Rebecca Long
I absolutely love these slimes!!

This is my first time ordering from DopeSlimes. All I can say is that I love all 3 slimes that I ordered. This Bubblegum and the Cookie Froyo are my favorites. I highly recommend them!!!

Eggnog Cream
Carrie Degreenia
Egg nog slime

This is the best ever it smells just like egg nog which is my absolute favorite winter time drink

Cotton Candy Frost
Girlie Girl
One of the best Dope slimes

Colors are soooo nice, smell is great and it feels amazing!

Texas Rolls
Lizbeth Delgado

Doesn’t really smell like bread at all, more of a cinnamon smell but it still smells good. The texture is also really nice

Lizbeth Delgado

I love ittttt, a little bit of residue but not enough to where it’s a bother. It also smells really good

Blizzard Swirl
Evelyn Rosas Flores
Beautiful color

Im sure my daughter is going to love this color and smell. I can’t wait for Christmas

Pumpkin Shortcake DIY
Slime Wizard Tessie
Pumpkin shortcake DIY

The best slime on Instagram! Just wish we could order more DIY items as they are my kids favorite.


This is amazing!

Luscious colors and scent!

Sooooo pretty! This is the prettiest slime I have from Dopeslimes. Soft and stretchy, and smells like summer in a jar.

Love microfloam!

Smelled delicious, and inflated quite a bit! Sizzly crackly, poppy. My favorite part is when it's all settled and I get to re-mix the base and the floam. The texture contrast is delightful!

Lychee Jelly Boba
Samantha M Lapre
A bit disappointing

So my slime came and it wasn't really scented like I wanted. It smelled like slightly strawberry scented slime rather than the lychee scent I wanted. It also was missing a lot of the Boba beads. I do like the color and the little lychee charm though. Maybe add a bunch on top we can mix in ourselves like the picture shows?

Lemon Lime Twist
Sierra Hartman
So Fizzy

Cutest slime I’ve bought


texture is giving

Pretty good

Smell was great a little hard and the stretchy needs are annoying


I loved Birthday cake soo much that I can’t stop playing with it! I would recommend this for someone that would want to buy there first slimes in the shop!

Whipped Coffee memoryDOUGH®

Bingsu Joy

My only wish is that the smell was slightly stronger of mint. Otherwise, it’s perfect!

Juicee Fruit Jellee
Avery Norviel
people are delusional!

Juicy Fruit is literally a gum flavor, so to the person mad and questioning why it smelt like gum, that’s because that’s what it is!!! smh

Dream Globe
Mara Dersidan
So good

This cloud slime amazed me. It’s so easy to drizzle and it’s nice and dense too! It has an amazing scent and the colors didn’t mix in shipping! It’s just an all around great slime! 10/10