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Dope Slimes Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about their slime. With over 25,000 reviews, we are proud of our our nearly perfect customer ratings.

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What over 20,000 of our customers have to say:

Based on 34468 reviews
Good enough to eat (but don't)

This slime is amazing. The smell is just like a cupcake and the texture is on the firm side. It is our favorite slime.

Carmen Cat
Yay duckies!

This slime is awesome. A bit sticky and could have used more charms.

Fruity O’s
Ruth Ann Hess
Fruity o’s

I ordered about 10 containers of slime- this one was horrible/ could not get it off of our hands. I actually had to dispose of most of it/ waste of
$18. I will be asking for refund.

Blueberry Dreams
Joan Weber

The boys really like the slime. Going to get more!

Sour Strawberry
Charlotte Katz
Good slime but…

It was a good slime but it was kinda stiff when i opened it up

Circus Animal Frosting
Charlotte Katz
Good slime but doesn’t look like the picture

It was a good slime but it didn’t look like the picture

Strawberry Shortcake
Charlotte Katz
Good slime but doesn’t look like the picture

It’s a good slime but it doesn’t look like the picture

Firecracker Swirl
Charlotte Katz
Amazing slime

The scent is just like those blue white and red popsicles we all had when we were kids. The slime is stretchy and soft as well

Love this one.

So soft!!! Smells incredible!!!

Unicorn Elixir
Rachel Falls
Very very under activated

It’s very pretty. But a huge mess. I grabbed it out it was just sticky, soup. Then I grabbed some activator to help it. Then it got so hard it just broke apart. Now it’s just a lump of slime that I can’t play with.

Cotton Candy Frost
Rudy Winckler
Cotton Candy Frost Slime

I love the texture of this slime! The scent, color, and clouds were perfect.

Lychee Taro Boba
Samantha Degen

Lychee Taro Boba

Lychee Clouds
Such an Amazing Texture!

I love Dope Slimes cloud slimes, and this is no exception! I took off one star for the smell, it's pretty strong and doesn't smell like lychee.

So Crunchy!

I love the crunchyness and grape soda smell of this slime!

Super excited

My parents might be getting me this and I'm super excited... I've loved all of the slimes that I have bought, most of them were butter slimes so I want to look, smell, and feel how the textures feel in my hands.


it so soft and feels amazing!


The texture of the slime with the beads is fun. Also, the beads are very colorful and varied which makes it fun to look at with the candy heart charms. It does take a lot of activator to keep it from not being sticky. When you pull the slime you feel some resistance and the sound makes it fun to pull.

Winterberry Frost
Omasan O.
Soft and smells great!

This is my very first slime, and I'm very happy with it. It feels great in my hands, the scent isn't overpowering, and it's very relaxing to play with!👍🏿

Best Slime Ever!

My son loves slimes and he loved this pack so so much. He loved discovering all the different kinds textures and smells. He plays with it every day! .


It is a kinda pretty slime, although it is much darker than shown in the picture. There are only 2 tapioca pearls, not 16 like the picture showed. The slime is stretchy when stretched slowly, but will rip if stretched fast. It has good crackles, but, again, rips when trying to make a good bubble. But, it is still fun to play with, and it comes with the necessary products to activate or un-activate it.

Confetti Cupcake Fizz
Tayler Wyatt
Incredible texture

I loved the crunchy feel! I am fairly new to slime and this is the first one that I have bought myself. It smells so good. I love it!

Banana Cream Pie
megan mcgaughey
so fun!

the crunches and the smell and everything about this is so fun to play with

Love it!

Smells so good, love the color and texture. Perfect for the summer.

Beach Breeze - Wholesale Pack
Jeffrey Williams
Beach Breeze Slime

Amazing Product! Flies right off the shelf!

Frozen Pink Drink
Destiny Mcbain
Really cool slime

Awesome slimes packaged very well arrived super fast and I love the strawberry smell