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Dope Slimes Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about their slime. With over 10000 reviews, we are proud of our our nearly perfect customer ratings.

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What over 10,000 of our customers have to say:

Based on 19372 reviews

Amazing slime, very soft and smells amazing!

Had a very cool texture and pretty strong cherry smell :)


Enjoyed the scent and the texture, it was nice to have a cloud slime with minimal fallout.

Cool texture

Such a thoughtfully made slime with little white foam beads and a few larger orange ones. Really captures the idea of an orange julius. The scent was very strong when I first opened it, but I appreciated that because it has lasted longer even though we have played with the slime so much.


This slime smells amazing. Just like a cherry icee. Smooth cloud texture and looks really cute. The smell is where it's at though. So good!!

So fun

Great color, really cool consistency and adorable little strawberries.


It smells EXACTLY like cherry coke! It inflates and feels so great! At first I thought the sent was super strong and hated it but after playing with it, it became AMAZING! Totally recommend it!

Great slime!

I LOVE this slime! It’s so smooth and smells like orange trident gum! Love love love it!


First time I have ordered from dopeslimes, and my slimes came in the mail perfectly! Will be ordering again


I love my birthday cake slime! But slime ever

I really enjoyed the slime from this company. My favorite would be the lavender dreams butter slime. I also order a cloud slime that is amazing as well. Although the beed slime I order was a bit sticky I put activator in that they provided seemed to make it a bit more sticky so I haven't really been able to play with it. Over all the rest of the slime I ordered was fabulous. Thank you dope slimes for the awesome product as well as the fast shipping.


This was the first slime i've bought from here. It was thick and glossy, just like it said. The color was such a pretty white. I'm going to buy WAY more of this in the future. Would recommend this 100%.


Dope Slimes have always been masters when it comes to butter slimes. Then they introduced memoryDOUGH and the game changed. You cannot go wrong with their awesome memoryDOUGH slimes. Truly amazing!


Such a cute idea! Love the smell of cranberries!


You can't beat a bubblegum slime! Such an awesome smell!


The only place that has these charms. I have looked everywhere before remembering Dope carried them! Awesome! Thanks so much!


Looooove this slime. The perfect texture for bubble pops and stretching. Amazing clicks! Plus it smells incredible! Just all around amazing!

There was none left but the price sounds very fair this is a very creative slime shop!

Maraschino Cherries

Smells like the canned cherries. Great consistency! Love the idea!

Potpourri Soap

Good consistency; good details; pretty colors. Smells like the old post office near us - full of soap.

Not So Sour Watermelon Review


24K Magic
24K MajiK (with a capital K)

I love the details like the FIMO cards.

Cherry Coca-Cola

I just bought your slimes because I watched all your tik toks and you are very talented can't wait to get my cherry cola and jucee fruit(I like extra extras)

S.M. Ice

I love the scent and it has a very good texture. I love how soft it is.

So good!

Love the smell! So light!

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