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Dope Slimes Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about their slime. With over 25,000 reviews, we are proud of our our nearly perfect customer ratings.

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What over 20,000 of our customers have to say:

Based on 32589 reviews
Basic, but nice

It ends up being a black buttery slime

Fluff fluff fluff

The fluffy, white, soft texture is just so soothing!


I love Halloween themed slimes!


I don’t think it smells as good as some of the others, but I love this slime texture!

Frozen Pink Drink
Nichole Shorb
Excellent customer service

First of all, I love this slime! The texture, scent and add ins are amazing and work well together. My first slime lost its scent within a week of purchase and when I reached out asking what to do, they replaced my order with a new slime. I really appreciate it!! This is my favorite one at this time!

Strawberry Milk
Stefanie Deleeuw
In Love!

I love this slime! It smells amazing and is so beautiful!


My sister loved it! Smells good and fluffs well. Good beginner slime.

Candy Corn Froyo
Kelsi Rigsby

This slime is so amazinggg, it smells so nice and is crunchy. A little residue might stick to your hands, but that’s alright. Overall, I definitely recommend 👍

User error

I noticed the slime was very sticky so I added the activator powder, the slime became over-activated and hard. I let it sit and tried to need in warm water. I’m a little disappointed with myself

Candy Corn Cake
Axel Heath
Great slime

This is the first slime I bought from here and I loved it! The texture and smell was great and the charm was so cute.

Candy Corn Froyo
Lovely texture and smell!

Title says it all, super nice crunchy texture, I haven’t had any issues with beads falling out at all! The smell isn’t what I expected, it smells like an orange sherbet and marshmallows to me, but I really like it!

Perfect Texture

I'm so glad I stumbled across Dope Slimes. My order came yesterday and I've been super happy since. I love the texture of the memory slime and cannot stop playing with it.
My only thing is that I wish it smelled more like coffee. It smells like maple a bit. I don't mind the scent, but really hoped for a more coffee scent. Other than that um excited it came with the care sheet and activator for just in case. Thanks to this I can care for my slime for a long time. I hope more scents come back in stock because I'm NEED more!
Great for fidgeting, adhd moments, and those who enjoy smooth textures.

Smells & Feels Great

I'm so glad I finally found a place to get the perfect slime. This has lived up to every word in the description.
The scent is light and pleasant. A vanilla lavender scent, which is my favorite scent of all time.
The texture is on point. It's light and slightly firm, butter like butter slime but springy. It's a bit damp at first but after working it a bit It's perfect. I love that it's not sticky or hard.
It came with care instructions, which makes it nice and my slime can ladt for a long time. The package also came with a small packet of activator for just incase and a cute bracelet.

Banana Cream Pie
Shannon Peukert
best foam slime yet!

this banana cream pie slime is the best! it feels nice in your hands as you play with it & it’s not sticky

So soft and smells so good!

So glad learning express had this one, was anxious to get it! Not disappointed, smells so good and so fun to play with!

Dope Whip
Lauren S

I got this at the learning express today bc it’s sold out on the website. So soft, smells AMAZING! Just like pineapple, I keep reminding myself ok you can’t eat it. 10/10!!

Mint Chip Ice-Cream
Grace Watkins

I love it so much! Thank you dope slimes!

Slime 👍

The slimes were very well packaged- and felt very satisfying. Just a bit expensive. There are dome really good slimes for 14.99 but there are some slimes that are still good just are not as decorated. That still feel good but I think they should maybe be a bit cheaper because they were plain and less worked on.

In my opinion the slimes I got were amazing - and I love how we get a free slime for slimes over 49CHF / USD / EURO - whatever !!
- Oreo crunch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- pineapple ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- mystery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- avocado twist ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The service is great 👍 just .. the price doesn’t catch my eye - I was about to not order anything because of the price the price is 14.99 / 15.00 but then getting 2 slimes is 30.00…
Some slimes were 11.99 getting 2 slimes would be 24 what is fine but that’s only for 5oz

Thanks 😊

Strawberry Milk
Cherish Krohn
Strawberry milk

This slime is so satisfying to play with. It’s the perfect texture. Smells so good, exactly like strawberry milk!

Very much enjoyed!

Mint Chip Ice-Cream
Brian Morales
Good smell, good texture

Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t an overpowering smell. Nice, soft, and enough chips in it too.

Not quite the right scent, but still nice

I got this slime because I was excited for a pomegranate smelling slime. It’s pretty hard to find anything pomegranate, and sadly this was still the trend- it smelled more like strawberry than pomegranate. I won’t judge too much though because the fillings made for such an amazing texture. Just know that this slime is on the stickier side. I didn’t realize that until had my hands covered in slime I wasn’t skilled enough to keep from sticking to my hands, but at least I got to make a joke about it taking after its namesake in terms of messiness! Worth it, to be honest.

Pumpkin Spice Scoop DIY
Ann Gronowski
So good

I love this slime, it smells like pumpkin pie and it has great bubbles I’m opposed, my grandpa said it smelt like dirty dog paws but it smells delightful. I recommend this slime but maybe put some charms in it! But it’s kind of sticky so I would add some activator


Thai stuff rocks they give you borax to make your own but super convenient to have this little sprayer already mixed and ready to go

Love the texture

Amazing texture!