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Dope Slimes Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about their slime. With over 25,000 reviews, we are proud of our our nearly perfect customer ratings.

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What over 20,000 of our customers have to say:

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Cotton Candy
Samantha Bozarth
So soft!

Loved this slime! Cloud slime is so soft!

Wow!! This texture is unlike any others I have tried. It is a must try!! So amazing amd smells like cookies! Love it!

Love it!! It dizzles like cotton candy but has more of a softness to it that makes it so addicting!

Smells amazing!

This is one of my new favorites! The smell is perfect and I love the texture of the floam!!


I love this slime!!!! It’s one of the best slimes I’ve ever had.

Tropical Twist

This slime is great!!! It smelled awesome and had a great texture

Witches Brew
Dope slimes~witches brew!

Absolutely love this slime, so crunchy and sizzling. It’s so soft and fun to play with the color it ends up to be is a dark purple/grey. Super cute charms and I love it! Definitely recommend it!

Best slime!

Bought for my daughters 10th birthday! She loves it! Amazing scents and mixins!

Strawberry Sour Patch
Marchella DeMeo
i'm so exited

i have it in my cart right now i am so happy i'm getting this

PB&J Swirl
It's was horrible, second one was awesome 👍

I was mortified when my slime came with the lid off and slowly me everywhere. I have bought from this shop so many times, and this has never happened, it was and easy fix, I played with it for 10 minutes at a time, now (three days later,) it's glue again, and super sticky, not even slime like, bought the activator pen, and it didn't reactivate, I bought another slime, it arrived fine, I will still, totally buy again from this shop even after all that happened, the second slime was perfect 😍

Wonderful company/small business

I didn't order this slime, but I have many slimes from this brand, plus one shipping to me, the slimes feel great on my hands and it doesn't dry ur hands out from the ingredients. I love this business and supper almost all it's social medias.

Patrick's Gummy
Adora Maharaj
Pink patrick

Super bright color, pretty scent very glossy

Christmas cookie dough.

Christmas cookie dough was given to me as a gift from a friend! I love the cookie smell, the add ins are so cute. Fun slime to play with.

So cute!

Great one. It was adorable and all of these slimes felt amazing! Very recommend to buy Dopeslimes monthly boxes.


This is a great slime, it is very soft and has a buttery texture to it. Highly recommend slime!

So good!

It smelled just like apples and it makes pops while it’s in a cloudish feeling slime.

Amazing slime!

Smells so good and love charm
I love the lemon charm. Smells so good I want to eat it. Love the texture and the color. At the end it does amazing snow falls.

Rainbow Frost

Very sizzly and I highly recommend buying this from dope!


Smells just like carrot cake and has an amazing snow fizz butter texture!

Blueberry Dreams
Best slime!

Love Dopeslimes. The blueberry dreams has a great texture and smells amazing. Haven’t received one bad slime from Dopeslimes. Will continue to purchase many more slimes in the future


This slime was great it had a sizzly texture and had an amazing soft feel. If you’re looking for something to relax you, pick this! It also comes with cotton candy sprinkles on top and is half blue and half pink like the OG cotton candy flavors.

Strawberry Milk
Good, but got sticky!

Strawberry milk is a great slime! But it was a bit sticky and I had to fix it multiple times. Only people with slime hands that are very advanced should be playing with this slime. You may want to try a few other slimes before this one!


The slime was great! It came with the sprinkles , and it smelled like a vanilla birthday cake! It also didn’t deflate at all when I got it. I totally recommend this slime!

Frozen Pink Drink
Frozen Pink Drink

This was an amazing slime I found it to bed very, very fluffy and has amazing snow falls. I’ve had it for a while and it help up very well! So I totally recommend buying this slime from Dope Slimes company because their packaging is adorable! It comes with a piece of candy, a 10 percent off code and your slime is amazingly wrapped. You can play with frozen pink drink if you have the most amazing slime hands ever or the worst! It’s made for anyone.

Hawaiian Ice

I loved this slime!!! It got on my hand a sometimes but it was still an amazing slime.I have hold recommend!!!!!