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Dope Slimes Reviews

See what our valued customers have to say about their slime. With over 20000 reviews, we are proud of our our nearly perfect customer ratings.

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Good slimes!

The lavender dreams slime is absolutely amazing however , the mango dragon fruit refresher was very sticky so ofcourse i added borax but that did nothing except for make it hard and clumpy and the strawberry banana slime is good at first but after a day or two it gets hard but only a little bit. Other then that the slimes are AMAZING 8/10 rate

Forgot to give it one star.

I would give it zero stars if I could.

Absolutely HORRIBLE

When I got this slime (cosmic cookie dough) I was very excited as it was my first purchase from dope slimes. When I got the slime it smelled off and it was sorta stiff. It was hard to stretch so I added lotion. I forgot to add that there was a lot of fall out. I’m not sure if it’s the slime or the snow slime I made. I left it overnight with the lid ON and it was hard, stiff, and you couldn’t even poke your fingers in it. I DO NOT recommend.

Rainbow Frost
Stephanie Stonecipher

Great scent, super cute charm and colors were gorgeous! Dope slimes has the best icee texture. So in love with it!!

Stephanie Stonecipher
Smells good

I love these textures and the smell was amazing but it is a bit oily and there was very little white in mine.

Mango Dragonfruit Refresher
Stephanie Stonecipher

I love the texture and the fishbowl beads are no hard on my hands. Great crunch but lots of fallout from the beginning. I was chasing down beads.

So soft!

It's so soft and squishy! It does leave some crumbly bits on my hands but overall it's a great texture. The scent definitely smells like fruity candy, and isn't too strong.

ok texture

The Icee Texture was wet but had fallout not a problem though, the scent smells so nostalgic like fall!!

Tropical Twist
Leilah Atterbury-Brooks
Haven’t got it yet

I haven’t got the smile yet I’m hoping it will be good and don’t care if it’s hard so :>


Key Lime Pie Boba
ailie fleming
great slime :D

this slime is amazing! it smells really fresh, just like a lime popsicle, the color is so beautiful (my phone camera doesn’t do the color justice) and the texture is so soft but still thick and stretchy. the only thing i have to say is that it only came with 12 boba balls and they’re relatively small, i would’ve thought it would’ve came with either bigger boba balls or more of them. but i don’t really have much else to say, this slime it really great! definitely recommend buying! the packaging was also fantastic!


It was great with an amazing texture, but then I noticed it shrunk until it was the size of my 2 fingers, and it was as hard as rock.

Confetti Cupcake Fizz
Victoria J.
So satisfying!!

Once it’s mixed it feels and sounds like a rice crispies treat! Its so satisfying. New favorite slime!

Slime Texture Sampler Pack
Caitlynn Teska
Love !

Will be buying more as all the slimes and textures felt good quality. I loved that I was able to really figure out what all the slime textures feel like.


My daughter Absolutely Loves this slime!
It is so soft and smells delicious!

Strawberry Milk
165 skyline drive
It's ok

This slime is okay. It is not light pink and thick it's more of a thin texture and it's dark pink. I like the texture but I was expecting there to be an ombre and more of a milk look, there is not there's no ombre I've been having sit in the container for 3 days now and no ombre.
Also it smells like green apple

Cotton Candy Frost
Shelette Wright

My babies loved it

Margarita Crush
Lara White
Margarita Crush

I love the smell and the sound when playing with it is very crunchy and soothing

Fruity O’s
Wish there was more foam

I wish there was more foam beads

Pretty good

The video showed it was a lot more crunchy but I love the slime this is my first time buying slime

Dragonfruit Twist
Tami Peterson
Awesome Slime!

My daughter loved this slime. Perfect packaging and so much fun!

Bubble Bath
I want some dope slime

Please restock!!!!!

Patrick's Gummy
✨ L.H.✨.

beautiful, thick, glossy, smells AMAZING, just the perfect slime. Wish I had a gallon of this!

Andes Mint Cream
I was super excited

I love dopeslimes thick and glossy texture. Those are my all time fave slimes. But this slime wasn’t glossy when i opened it. It was bubbly. My other glossy slimes that I ordered in this package were amazing. This one was thick, smelled great and had a yummy scent, just wasn’t glossy. I guess it was a bad batch or something. I do love the smell and thickness so much though.

Shelby DeFusco
Love it

It’s so fun to play with and I love the smell