Ghost Frost

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Ready for some spooky-sweet fun? Enjoy icee goodness with this Ghost Frost slime! The purple and blue icee slime scented sweet rock candy is topped off with ghost fimos...perfect for a hair-raising Halloween! boo-yah! ghost frost!ūü©Ķ 1/2 mixing of this NEW iceeūüĎĽ #slimemixing #fyp #ghost #frosted #dye #dopeslimes ‚ô¨ September - Earth, Wind & Fire

Customer Reviews

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Interesting texture, fluffs/inflates a bit, smells a bit like bathroom deodorant jelly

This slime was OK, a bit over-activated like all the others in this order, but I liked the texture. The smell is "kind of" fruity (description says "rock candy"... what's that supposed to smell like?) but it's also a little bit like those gel/jelly deodorant discs or towers you keep in the bathroom. It will be fun to play with, but there are better slimes out there (and better slime companies)

Seriously amazing!!!

I have two very slime obsessed children. They are constantly looking for new textures. This slime was a huge hit! It's soft but not buttery and has an almost fluffy texture to it. It's frostly AMAZING!

Samara Saunders
Insane Texture! Love it!

Spoiler images! I am obsessed with this texture. Its soft, and stretches beautifully into a floofy pleasant texture, so fun! The purple is nice when all mixed together. It smells like a grape-berry.
I reduced by 1 star because it leaves the very lightest residue on the hands and after playing for awhile my hands started to get pruny... but it wasn't under or over activated based on texture (maybe I just played with it too long lol). Also, the scent was pretty strong for my preference, hope it fades over time.
Nonetheless, another instant favorite. Worth the purchase for sure!

Lauren S
Smells so good!! My fav icee slime!!

Ok it smells like the most amazing blueberry/fruity scent ever and it gets so puffy and fluffy I just love it!!! Turns into the prettiest purple color and the little ghosts are so cute! 10/10!!!

Texture is great

Smells great! It's a little strong for my preference but it's got an amazing texture.

Christen Duerring
Feels nice!

Feels nice and makes nice little sounds when you stretch it out!