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Christmas Trio Slime Pack

This Christmas Trio Slime Pack Includes all the below in our super cute packaging!

  • 1 x 5oz Crushed Candy Cane Glimmer: iridescent white bingsu slime topped with red clay chunks, candy cane fimos and charm. It smells just like the real treat.
  • 1 x 5oz Christmas tree microDOUGH: Our microDOUGH exclusive texture - Bright, vibrant Christmas green color filled with micro foam beads that give it a unique, mesmerizing feeling that you wont be able to put down. Scented strongly just like a fresh evergreen Christmas Tree & topped with mini rainbow pearls and Christmas Tree fimos!
  • 1 x 5oz Winter Wonderland Swirl:  Super soft white & blue butter slime. Topped with cute snowflake fimos and charm. Smells like blueberry cheesecake!
  • 1 x 10ml slime activator pen: easily reactive and rejuvenate your slime with our pre-mixed activator pen 🎄christmas slime trio! loving this limited edition trio pack🎁✨ available rn! #trio #slimepack #giftideas #dopeslimes ♬ original sound - 𝑵𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑺𝑳𝑼𝑽𝑹❦

Customer Reviews

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April McClung

Christmas Trio Slime Pack

Courtney Schroeder
Perfect gift for Christmas!

My daughter is obsessed with slime and this did not disappoint! Crushed Candy Cane Glimmer smells fantastic and my daughter loves the mix ins. The Christmas tree dough is a texture favorite also. Winter Wonderland was still fun and smelled good, but the least favorite, but only because she already had butter slime. Would definitely buy again!

Jenna O'Rourke
A big hit!

This was on my daughter's wish list and she was thrilled. The texture of the green and candy cane were a bit unexpected but overall, great selections and the slightly smaller size of each container was fun.

Great variety

Ordered for gift for Xmas. My kids loved! It has a nice variety with great themes, smells, and textures. Bingsu slime was my favorite because of all the crunches and pops it makes, only negative is it gets sticky and I have to add activator. Will definitely order more of their seasonal three packs.


I can’t find out how to log into I’m the person who wrote the “fun, could have been just a bit better though” review.
Snowflake- I changed my mind. The texture is LITERALLY just clay with occasional sizzles. Also, the snowflakes look weird although they’re supposed to be cute. “Take them out”, you say? They have tiny ridges that makes the clay really hard to get off.

Christmas Tree- It deactivated (not why i’m giving a bad review) so I reactivated it with my borax solution (a homemade one, as the spray bottle provides very little) and it just turned into a normal slime. That’s not too big of a deal, but it kind of ruined it and it stretches weird (not quite like the orignal). Now floam beads stick to my hands when I play with it and STILL no “amazing sounds” like another floam slime would give. Also, in the middle of when I was reactivating it, it inflated TONS and it didn’t fit in it’s original container. Now I’m using it (the container) for a storebought butter slime and ironically, I like it better than the one I got in this set.

Candy Cane- Arrived sticky as I stated before (again, not a problem as the activator pen fixed it but i had to use like half of it). After a few weeks (now), bingsu beads fall out and the crunch is quieter (which I don’t think it related to the fact there’s less beads now.

Overall, I would not recommend this set. I’m not ordering from here again.

Great collection

The Xmas tree one has a great color and feel: fluffy with the micro beads. Pleasantly pine scented. Winter wonderland has a lovely sweet smell, one of those scents you can't quite tell what it is unless you read the description. The peppermint bingsu is the most festive for the holiday. Awesome crackles and pops, got that refreshing peppermint smell and looks great.

Sarah Parsons
They are ok

I got these as a gift for Christmas. I had never ordered from the shop before and I’m honestly kind of disappointed. Candy cane was super sticky and not really how it was shown. Although it was fun to play with. The Christmas tree one is not great, super messy. The winter wonder land is nice but looked like it had already been played with upon getting it. All slimes didn’t come full either.