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Slime Texture Sampler Pack

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Looking for an affordable way to experience a large variety of unique slime textures? This pack is perfect for any slime novice who is searching for their favorite slime texture.

This pack includes eight unique textured 2.5oz sample size slimes for a total of 20oz of slime:

  • Random 2.5oz Butter Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Cloud Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Thick Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Jelly Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Bingsu Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Floam Slime
  • Random 2.5oz memoryDOUGH® Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Ice-cream Slime

The slimes included in the kit will be 8 slimes at random, that we currently sell on our store. All slime will be scented. This is a great option for anyone trying to explore the world of slime. Note the box pictured is our mailing box. If you order multiple packs it will come in a single larger box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Margot Leiter
love them!

perfect mix of the textures

Stephanie Donnelly
Love DopeSlimes!!

My daughter loved opening up the box and seeing all the different colored slimes! The textures were great and smells are definitely more spot on than slimes we have ordered from other companies. We will definitely buy from Dope Slimes again. Juicy Fruit is my favorite. Brings me back to the 1980s! The box was a great way to deliver and of course the candy is a must. Thank you!

Lake gold

All of the slimes came frozen. But then they unfroze and we’re sooooo great. I really do recommend these slimes!

Antsayita Hogan
from mijune and james

when i first pressed the slime it didnt say sample pack and me and my little brother are sad now fro, mijune and james

when i first pressed the slime i didnt say sample pack now me and my little brother or sad from mijune and james

Ivana Jumet

I had NO idea there were this many slime textures! The memory is the BEST . Then the cloud ! I am impressed! Totally worth it

Great for Beginners

Awesome for anyone who loves slime! Good starter pack too!

Julianna Viveiros
Really nice for an intro to slime textures

I really enjoyed the slime sampler pack I ordered. I’ve been following Dope Slimes for awhile and decided to finally get a few but I really didn’t know what textures I would like. It was great to see which ones I liked best and it wasn’t what I thought I would like. They are small but not too small perfect to hold in your hand and play with. I also got a few five ounce ones and they aren’t as easy to play with unless you are over a table. My only critique is the cloud and ice cream slimes had quite a bit of fallout from the instant snow which got all over my hands. Otherwise they were awesome.