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Slime Texture Sampler Pack

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Looking for an affordable way to experience a large variety of unique slime textures? This pack is perfect for any slime novice who is searching for their favorite slime texture.

This pack includes eight unique textured 2.5oz sample size slimes for a total of 20oz of slime:

  • Random 2.5oz Butter Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Cloud Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Thick Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Jelly Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Bingsu Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Floam Slime
  • Random 2.5oz memoryDOUGH® Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Ice-cream Slime

The slimes included in the kit will be 8 slimes at random, that we currently sell on our store. All slime will be scented. This is a great option for anyone trying to explore the world of slime. Note the box pictured is our mailing box. If you order multiple packs it will come in a single larger box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 332 reviews
Really great set

I bought this set for my daughter for her birthday and we are thrilled with the quality of the slimes. Will definitely order again.

Sarah Shipway
College sampler

Packing this off to school with the kiddo - haven’t opened them yet, but the presentation, packaging and directions are d0pe…. (See what I did there?)

Alera bueno
Bundle pack worth every dollar

It comes with 8 different variety’s of slime you can’t go wrong 😊

Great Introductory Set - Best Sampler Out There!

As someone just getting into slime I wasn't sure what I liked out of a slime, so I didn't know what textures to buy and a lot of textures intrigued me. Buying all the textures I was most interested in was expensive and no 1 shop ever seemed to have all my top to try slimes in stock in their small size at one time. Then I found Dope Slimes and was so happy to see the sheer range of textures they offered in a sampler set. The price was well worth it to explore the different common texture classes & each jar has enough to feel substantial in your hand. Turns out I really, really hate 1 of the textures I wanted to try the most and I also discovered that as cool as cloud slime always looked in all the videos that it's just not for me. Turns out I dislike wet feeling slime & the clicker the better. The sample provided plenty like that & with the added coupon in the box it was easy to come back to buy some full sized slimes in my favorite textures. I only wish you had the option to swap out 1 texture once for a different texture of your choice (scent, color, etc still choice of the shop) that's not included in the set already. I really would've loved to try a slushie or snow fizz instead of at least 1 texture in the set. Decided to buy the latter in full size, just because it's so sizzly. That brings me to another thing, I love that Dope Slimes has a video of many of their slimes right on the details page so you can see the texture, the final color after it's mixed, & hear what kind of ASMR the slime offers. I can't believe more shops don't do this! Really helps in choosing the perfect selection of my favorite texture or deciding to pick something outside my comfort zone. The included activator powder is very helpful in firming up any that melt some during shipping, which is a common issue with slime and I'm glad I didn't have to have borax on hand.

LeAnn Brown

I was worried that these slimes would be impossibly tiny, idk what 2oz is obviously, but there was actually plenty to not only make an opinion on each texture and pick favorites, but to enjoy each texture with a full hand grip. All scented and pretty. Highly recommend.

Jillian Hogan
Happy I purchased

This is a good mix of slimes. Comes with borax but all but one somehow arrived in great shape even though it's summer.

Love it!!

So I love it, after a couple hours of play, the ice cream slime and the butter slime become very firm. The bingsu and jelly slimes were also very sticky but activator solved that. I was overall very happy with my purchase and will be buying again!