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Mint To Be

new valentine slime!
stunning clear slime with a beautiful ultra-metallic mint gold pigment😍 it’s soo stunning & has a ultra thick yet super stretchy clear texture, amazing for pokes and bubblepops!




Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very sticky after a while

It was great.. At first. Got super sticky and no matter how much I activated it, it would still stick until not that long ago its over activated and stiff, not sure if it was me or the slime batch but overall before that happend it was great!

Ella Mårtensson
nice but short-lived

nice smell, nice consistency. Wonderful product really but short-lived. Starts to stiffen up quickly evan when handeled with great care.

Mary Jane Marie

Not a fan of the scent but honestly I didnt think I was going to be from the get go (just personal preference, I think a peppermint or something would have suited it but I digress). I bought this one purely for the color and i was so so pleasantly surprised by it. Sincerely gorgeous slime! Was a little sticky at first but a few sprays fixed it right up for me and I'm still fixated by its beauty!

Rowan reese
it was ok

Wasn’t the best slime but it wasn’t horrible. Really really strong mint smell, wasn’t as shiny as the picture and didn’t stretch well. If you stretch it fast it just kinda broke in half and was very sticky but i didn’t want to add borax cause it was already not very stretchy.

Morgan Othon


Afton Matthews
Mint to be my slime

The smell of this slime was the first thing I noticed. The mint smell was both pleasing and refreshing at the same time.The light bounces off the colorshift and the bubble pops, are insane. Snatch this slime today!

Laura L Tortolano

My daughter LOVED this one! The color is amazing !!