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crystal clear slime topped with a thin layer of blue, pink, and purple thick and glossy slime which creates a beautiful avalanche effect! This slime is stunning & scented a delicious cotton candy scent, super thick & glossy milky clear slime texture once mixed!



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Loved mixing this!

The smell was subtle but not unnoticeable! Came a little under activated which is fine with me because that way I can get it where I like with the included borax or a pre-mixed spray. Very satisfying to mix around, became an opaque pink/purple afterwards. I loved it!

Amber K.
Eclipse is extraordinary

LOVE this slime! First the scent is a sweet, yet subtle candy smell. It’s noticeable, but not overpowering. The initial colors are gorgeous and a little mesmerizing to be honest. Mine did mix slightly during shipping, but was still stunning by the time I received it. I felt funny about mixing it because it was so pretty in the jar, but once it’s mixed the color is pretty and unique, kinda of a light, neon, lavender color. The texture of this slime is awesome and my personal favorite!! It makes lots of pops and snaps when you squish it, has a soft and easy drizzle and a very satisfying squishy feel. I struggle to put this one down! My child felt like it was a little stickier than any other DOPESLIMES we have, but it wasn’t sticky for me. Kinda funny how her hands stick slightly to this slime whilst mine do not. I know we can add a tad of activator to it to take away some of that stick, but I don’t want to mess with the texture I love, so even though the kids love this slime, it’s officially moms slime! If you have a chance to get this slime, and you like the denser slimes that make lots of popping sounds when squishing, don’t hesitate to get this, you won’t be disappointed!

diana garcia
5 star worthy

Stunning slime! Loved everything about this slime until it stuck to my hands in bits and pieces. It was at its worst during only the mixing process - not it’s just small bit here and there. Still fun and interesting.

Bree B
Stunning Color!

This was one of the prettiest & most fun slimes to play with! Also the messiest! Added activator after the video for the perfect texture! Really wished it was scented but LOVED the bubbles & pops!

Meena R.

I love it

Shara Swinehart

I didn’t receive it yet. It’s a Christmas present for my daughter so it won’t be opened for a while, but she loves your Instagram videos and is obsessed with dope slimes.

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