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Lychee Jelly Boba

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our FIRST ever jelly cube slime -
this slime starts with a silky smooth, ultra thick yet stretchy clear base filled with boba pearls and jelly cube sponges. They give it such a unique, squishy texture and they make the best asmr too! Scented just like sweet lychee and topped with a lychee charm + comes with a boba straw.



Customer Reviews

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Sydney Saxton

Great for stress

Amazing slime!!

I was so looking forward to this slime and was not disappointed when it came into the mail! when i first opened it, i believe it came melted because it was extremely sticky and difficult to play with. Im sure it’s because of the heat since it’s veery hot where I am, so i ended up using the borax solution and i think we added too much until it was a completely different texture! it’s more or so the environment that effected our use of the slime but it’s alright because i still loved it nonetheless 💗 (also wish there were more cubes in there)

Jennifer Salimbene
Good stuff

Sticky and sweet

Great slime, 1 issue

This slime was great, another one of my favorites. When I first got it, it was a little too sticky but as soon as I used the right amount of activator it was perfect! The cubes are my favorite would love more options with the cubes in it!

Don’t recommend

We love dope slimes but this one was terrible. My daughter wanted it so bad and a friend bought it for her birthday. As soon as she stuck her hand in it she had to go to the water hose with a towels and literally scrub it off. Stuck to her hands so bad it all had to go in the trash. Super upset birthday girl. Will stick to the gritty textured ones.

peyton lovelace
very nice

i dont feel like typing anything out but good job

Good for a while and now it is hard and cannot move!

I DO NOT RECOMMEND but if you want to try it you should. But I love dope slime!