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Banana Cream Pie

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Super crunchy full floam slime with a thick base. Makes super good bubble pops and smells just like banana cream pie!

Large banana fimo slices throughout.


Customer Reviews

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Jordan Hill
Asmr dream

Love the slime and the pops

Avalon Bell
So fun!

It arrived a little melted in the Houston sun, but all it took was a little activator to fix it. It has so many cute banana slices and has an AMAZING smell!

Sooooooooooooooo soft OMG!
Soo good

Ft g

Lyndsey Elliott
Loved it!

Exactly what I was hoping for! Texture was a touch too sticky, but one spray of activator took care of it. Smells amazing and love the texture! I personally enjoy the floam the best! Will buy again.

Chelsea Parkinson
Love it

We got this one in the sampler pack! Smells so good and is nice and sticky

Candice Newsom
Slime was decent

My husband bought this for me for my birthday. It was sticky when it arrived but the activator they sent has been helping. It only ended up having like 3 or 4 of the little banana pieces, in all, that were mixed in when I got it, so that was a bit disappointing. Smell is decent.

Asa Erdie
It’s fine.

I got this slime Thursday the 12th. It melted due to the heat, and I put activator in the slime and it didn’t work. The smell is good, but it’s to strong for me. Overall it’s fine and still good to play with.