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February 16, 2021 2 min read

Polystyrene foam is a versatile type of hard plastic that’s more commonly known as Styrofoam. This trademarked material is used in packing supplies, disposable tableware, and—most popularly—in crafting. For eco-conscious crafting, you can reuse and make numerous things out of Styrofoam items you already have. Alternatively, you can head out to the craft store or pull up a new tab online to purchase new Styrofoam for your projects.

Whether you choose to upcycle materials or shop fresh, a variety of foam-shaped items are available for your artistic desires. These shapes include globes, cylinders, pyramids, and tiny beads. The size and color possibilities are truly endless as well. If you’re on the hunt for some crafting ideas, here are a few fun and easy Styrofoam ball crafts to try—no sweat required.

Jumbo-Bead Jewelry

Playing dress-up as a kid is a rite of passage. Imaginative play is highly beneficial to strengthen memory, communication skills, and creativity. For any imaginative players in your life, you can add a bit of glam to their daily revelry with the creation of easy-to-make foam jewelry. All you need is acrylic paint, one-inch foam balls, waxed paper, a wood skewer, and some string.

Start by having your kiddo pick out their favorite colors, then paint a mishmash of the foam balls to their liking. After the foam balls are coated in paint and have dried out on the wax paper, you can help make holes for the string by sliding the balls up and down a wood skewer. Thread each ball through the holes at a generous length until you tie off the string for a necklace. For extra fun, you can also create a coordinating bracelet or slide-on earring set. Simple enough, right?

Floam: Crunchy Slime

DIY slime is an ongoing hot topic—especially slime that has a texture unlike any other on the raging market. If your home has an obsession with the viral sensation of slime, you and your kids can easily make a crunchy version of slime together. This slime-like substance is called floam. What makes floam so unique is the addition of tiny polystyrene foam beads. These foam beads for slime can be found right here at Dope Slimes in a variety of colors and sizes. On top of slime, these foam beads are versatile enough to add a certain pop to any craft project.

Whimsical Play-Dough

There certainly is a slew of fun and easy Styrofoam ball crafts out there, but nothing beats an updated version of an enduring classic in the toy world. Children’s play-styles are ever-changing, but the need to express creativity is here to stay. This tactile dough has a divergent consistency from slime that creates new tactile and sensory experiences. Foam dough is typically made out of shaving cream, cornstarch, and food coloring. You can also add in the aforementioned foam beads for a thicker consistency and popping sound. Such squishy, sensory play creates countless fun and memories that will never fade.

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