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December 10, 2020 2 min read 3 Comments

When we think of slime, we should consider it for everything that it truly is—not just a mere toy or a social media sensation. Slime is an art form, a sensory experience, a tie that binds families and friends together. Let’s take a look at the history behind the slime trend to understand its value and the growth of its popularity.

It Began in the Days of Disco

The toymaker Mattel first produced a slime and introduced it to the toy market in the ’70s. This gooey substance was green and, by design, looked as disgusting as possible—the storage container it came with was even a trash can. Enough kids loved it that the slime jumped off the shelves in droves, and many people have fond memories of this particular slime. Other companies and brands followed suit to produce their own slime creations until the primary craze declined.

Hashtags and Subscriptions

The next landmark in the history behind the slime trend came around 2016 when the craze started up again. Slime rose in popularity again due to its growing presence on social media. Videos emerged online of teenagers in Thailand who were creating thick slime unlike any of its predecessors. This beautiful slime was like a work of art with all its visual and tactile elements. In the years since then, slime has spread far and wide like a blazing wildfire.

Slime as a trend has taken off and soared so incredibly far that brands are now selling quality slime in stores again. A variety of slime brands are also available for sale online due to the demand for these sensory products. Millions of posts on Instagram have the hashtag of #slime, and numerous influencers on YouTube are capitalizing on the trend. While slime may have hit its highest peak, it’s not going anywhere.

A Multi-Generational Sensation

Slime is a sensation that has brought together diverse generations of the world today. From young kids to seniors, for generations X, Y, and Z, slime is more than just an internet trend—it’s a community. Generations can come together to share their mutual enjoyment of this wellness tool with a positive message: be creative and stay whimsical.

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Ivy and muddyasf

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