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Slime Frontier - A Blog About Slime

Welcome to Dope Slime's blog! Start here to learn endless tips and advice on the wonderful world of slime.

Slime Safety: How To Make Slime Without Worry

Making slime is tons of fun, but the biggest worry for parents is whether their kids will accidentally eat it. To make slime safely, read this guide.

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The 4 Best Things To Add To Slime

There are probably hundreds of things you can add to slime to change its texture and make it more fun. Here are four of the best tried-and-tested add-ins.

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Tips and Tricks for How to Make Crunchy Slime

Have you heard all about crunchy slime and want to try it out? If so, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect crunchy slime to play with.

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Learn How to Blow Bubbles in Slime

Slime is cool enough as it is. Add in bubbles, and you and your kids will never put it down. Read on to discover how exactly you can blow bubbles in your slime.

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The Best Sensory Toys for Kids on the Spectrum

Kids with autism play differently than their peers. To help parents searching for fun toys, here’s a guide to ideal sensory toys your kids will love.

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3 Hands-On Ways to Play with Slime

Kids love the sensory experience of playing with slime—the only limitation to play is their imagination. Here’s a parent’s guide to hands-on slime play.

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