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June 29, 2020 2 min read 4 Comments

Slime is taking over; it’s slinking and sneaking into thousands of households almost overnight. Don’t worry, though—it’s a modern play medium that people of all ages love, especially kids. Your kids likely already know about slime, whether through videos or friends, and they may already be asking for it. That’s great if they are—playing with slime is the perfect way to teach open-ended, creative play to kids.

Whether you’re a seasoned slimer or new to the trend, it’s sometimes hard to think of hands-on ways to play with slime. While making your own DIY slime is its own form of play, read this brief guide if you’re interested in ways to have fun with your slime.

Squeeze It, Streeetch It

We’ll start with the basics. Slime feels so pleasantly goopy, and it’s just plain fun to plunge your hands in, squeeze it through your fingers, and pull and poke. The fact that it’s somewhat solid yet sort of a liquid makes slime so intriguing to physically play with. Little else in life has quite the same consistency, making for an interesting sensory experience.

When you have new play-ready slime, lay it out on the table and go to town squeezing, popping, and cracking. This is a uniquely soothing play method for anyone. Kids can also see how far they can stretch it and manipulate it in other ways. The beautiful thing is, they can continually re-form it to satisfy their unending curiosity.

Make a Slime-Centered Game

Counter to more limited toys, slime has no restrictive rule book. You can do so much with it. The challenge, then, is deciding on something specific to do as a family, such as your own game. To help, here are some ideas for slime games:

  • Stretch your slime out and see who can sling it the farthest (without letting go of one end).
  • Make your slimes into gigantic balls, competing to see whose slime ball bounces the highest.
  • Play slime charades. Takes turns quickly creating slime shapes to get others to guess your word.
  • Grab a straw and take turns trying to blow the biggest slime bubble.

Add Some Slime-ccessories

Another hands-on way to play with slime is to add all kinds of slime accessories. To switch up the slime texture and show off some sparkle, add any color glitter you want. Otherwise, throw in slime charms, foam beads, fimos, or other slime add-ons. If you and your children want to concoct the most frightening, jiggly slime monster, strategically place a couple of googly eyes to bring it to life.

If you have any slime questions, contact our team at Dope Slimes. We offer butter, clear, Bingsu, DIY, and cloud slime for sale to mention a few. Beyond slimes, we have awesome slime supplies and putty you can peruse on our site.

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