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Welcome to our blog!

by Dope Slimes LLC

For years, Dope Slimes has brought you amazing quality slimes and supplies for always legendary prices. From our Instagram to our store site, we've always prided ourselves on putting out the very best versions of all our products. Now we're bringing you our very own Blog!

Think of it as a newsletter if you would, where we'll be discussing the entire world of slime. From monthly highlights on new ideas to checking out what's trending amongst the slime community itself, you'll always find content here to fuel your creativity.

Be sure to check regularly for content! We'll also be notifying our
followers when posts and other interesting stories will be posted. We want to take this first segment to simply hash out what to expect and to thank our community, for without you all, this wouldn’t be possible. Expect weekly content and notifications for when posts become available and a few other surprises as well!

-Dope Slimes


The Best Sensory Toys for Kids on the Spectrum

The Best Sensory Toys for Kids on the Spectrum

Kids with autism play differently than their peers. To help parents searching for fun toys, here’s a guide...

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3 Hands-On Ways to Play with Slime

3 Hands-On Ways to Play with Slime

Kids love the sensory experience of playing with slime—the only limitation to play is their imagination. Here’s a...

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  • LinneaApr 26, 2020

    I love this website! I wish i could get it all! If i had a million dollars i would spend it on dope slime.

  • Addison HinnenkampApr 26, 2020

    You guys inspire me through my treatment

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