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October 31, 2019 3 min read 2 Comments

From foam beads to door insulation, the world of slime add-ins is perhaps the densest component of the slime world. Glitter, foam sprinkles, and even charms have endless possibilities. So what makes slime add-ins worth the thought and planning to get the right contrast of color and texture in your slime? That’s the beauty of it: there are no constraints and all it takes is your imagination! Some members of the community are even finding hidden treasures online to add into their slimes, such as fake Trail Mix pieces and even mixtures of different foam beans and nuts.

Because of the wide variety out there, choosing slime add-ins can often get overwhelming. There are hundreds of different colors and options that could either better the texture or all-together appearance of your slimes. How do you know what the right add-in for your slime is? 

slime add-ins - foam beads

Let’s start with the original slime add-in: foam beads. Adding foam beads isn’t anything new. Floams, or simply topping slimes with foam, is something that everyone in the slime community is familiar with. The great thing about floams is that they don’t require that much slime. It only takes a tiny bit of slime to make a great, crunchy, and thick slime depending on the quality of your mixing. Floams, in my opinion, are my favorite for their how easy they are to make and the endless crunches they create. They also inflate a ton!

Slime add-ins - Bingsu beads

In contrast to floam is an add-in that's seen huge popularity in the last few months, Bingsu Beads! Bingsu Beads are an arts and crafts supply of unknown origin, but once the slime community found them, they rose to popularity rapidly.

Bingsu Beads are a small plastic cylinder usually made from recycled plastics. The beauty of Bingsu Beads is that the center is hollowed out. The beads produce the greatest sizzles and slime pops out of any add-in that I’ve tried. Since they're made from very malleable plastics, the hollowed centers trap and release air when you play with the slime. Because of this effect, they also inflate the slime just as much, if not more, than a good butter slime. I prefer to add these beads to clear slimes since they have a transparency to them alongside very rich colors. We carry a wide assortment of colors and the sky is the limit with these beads.

slime add-ins - foams

Reverting to the classic slime trends, another favorite of mine is foam chunks. Foam chunks, or chopped door insulation, come in many colors as well. They’re simply used as accents and have a soft, foam-like texture. They’ve been chopped into small pieces to resemble chocolates, or just for that extra contrast in texture. Black and white foam chunks are the dominant force in the slime community. They can resemble chocolate pieces, cake pieces, and just about anything else you can think of. For example, our M&M Trail Mix slime features black foam chunks as chocolate chunks. Our Birthday Cake Bites slime is covered in white ones.

Slime add-ins can come in small amounts or large amounts. And no matter what, sprinkles, glitter, pigment, and food coloring will always reign. They create the foundation for any other add-ins you could imagine. Whether you use it for contrast or simply matching, any small item has the potential to be the next big add-in trend.

slime add-ins - sprinkles

Whatever you add to slime, there are endless options. From sizzles to loud pops and crunches, all add-ins create and represent their own unique characteristics. There are endless options, and as the knowledge of the slime community expands, we'll probably see trends we didn't even think were possible.

Don’t forget to keep up with us for more slime stories and trends that we are going to continue to cover. There are so many things we plan to discuss and share that you’re going to want to pay attention! Don’t forget to email for any other topics, but don’t worry, we are going to be covering more add-ins because we’ve barely scratched the surface together.


-Dope Slimes

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November 12, 2019

I have ordered two slimes through u. I LOVE them!! They are soooooo good! My fav so far is Banana Cream Pie. I love the scent!! It smells just like the kind u eat!! I also ordered the Strawberry Banana. I was very excited, since I love cloud slime. I loved the smell, but it did have fall out. After a little while, the slime hardened up and I could not drizzle or play with it. But over all it was good. I cannot wait to see what other slimes will be amazing!!

I will certainly be buying from u again!

Thanks for everything!

Jessica Garabrandt
Jessica Garabrandt

November 01, 2019

This was my first time ordering through you guys. I i enjoyed some of the slimes that you have sent me. I purchased a Birthday Cake Ice Cream, I loved it… but I also got a second one either as a free 5oz or apart of the Bestseller pack…kinda bummed receiving it twice. The Fruity O’s… KILLER! I LOVE THE SCENT! I ordered the Chick-fil-A Sauce (mostly because I work at Chick-fil-A) but was kind disappointed on the color and smell! Seems like the wrong name for it 🤷🏼‍♀️ Idk. I also received and orange scent with fish bowls, idk what the scent is…there was no labels. But I loved purchasing from you guys! I love seeing all the hard work! Thanks!

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