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January 15, 2021 2 min read 3 Comments

So, you know about the slime trend. Though you might not understand the rage yourself, one thing is certain—children absolutely love slime and the unlimited potential it holds. If you’ve made batches of slime with your children already and their obsession with the stuff has now become a never-ending saga, continue the fun and fascination with gifts they are sure to love. We’ve compiled a mini gift guide for your slime-obsessed kid with the most unique, colorful, and amazing slime products on the market. Take a look at them below.

Slime Kits and Activities

At the top of the list of this gift guide for your slime-obsessed kid is the ultimate present—a slime kit. There is truly no end to the ways kids can make and play with slime. Various toy corporations and well-known companies have come up with kits in all forms and presentations to appeal to kids’ passions and enthusiasm.

The best part is that you can simply choose the kit that suits your kid’s interests the most. There are unicorn and mermaid slime kits, dinosaur slime kits, glow-in-the-dark kits, science experiment kits that teach the chemistry behind slime, and even a STEM slime and putty lab kit from National Geographic. Slime isn’t just a toy; it can be a high-quality educational experience with the right gifted opportunity.

DIY Slime Baskets or Books

If you’re more of a DIY gift-giver, a handmade basket of slime products may be the perfect choice to contribute to your kid’s prized slime collection. Putting together a basket of slime ingredients and supplies will provide hours of entertainment throughout the year. If your child enjoys creating more unique batches of slime, you can put together a package of mix-ins to take their slime to the next level.

Beads, glitter, foam balls, air dry clay, themed charms, and kinetic play sand are all possible mix-ins to add to the slime party. Conversely, you can gift your child a book of DIY slime ideas with secret recipes and tutorials for hundreds of different kinds of slime. These books save you time and money in the long run and grant your kid some free reign to make their own decisions and batches of magic.

Less Mess: Themed Cloud Slimes

Naturally, the least messy slime-related gift is pre-made packaged slime. While creating slime can be a fun activity, slime concoctions made from already perfected recipes have the best texture and flavors that can’t be easily created at home. Cloud slime is a popular option with an extremely fluffy and drizzly dense texture that kids love to play with.

At Dope Slimes, we offer award-winning cloud slime for sale that can’t be found anywhere else. These super smooth collections of cloud slime are scented and themed with the most vibrant colors and fun charms, such as cotton candy or supernova. Check out our various bestseller multipacks and kits to gift to your slime-obsessed kid today!

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