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Pumpkin Shortcake DIY

FALL in love with our latest DIY slime kit! This kit includes a clay pumpkin cake with with wiped cream sculpture to mix into the thick & creamy 8oz base scented just like vanilla pumpkin shortcake. Once mixed, it creates a soothing soft light butter slime texture and includes a pumpkin charm to put on top!

Customer Reviews

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Abigail Alcina
It was good at first but now it’s bad

I got it it was super nice then I realized it was the wrong color and now it’s not stretchy at all I don’t really recommend but yeah!?🙁

Emery Lubitz

it was a great slime and it arrived very quickly but after a week or so it got super sticky and I cant reactivate it :(.
it is a great t slime though.

Loved it 🥰

I bought this as a gift for my friends son. He absolutely loved it, and the packaging was super cool looking which made it a nicer gift. Shipping time was faster than expected especially considering I ordered so close to Christmas. I honestly will be ordering some other slimes for myself now that I know how satisfying they are 😄

Amazing texture

I got this slime for Christmas, it was ordered around Thanksgiving which explains the pumpkin theme. I had never had a DIY slime before and I was excited about this one. I didn’t love the scent, to me it smelled like old pumpkins and cinnamon, but I kinda grew to like the scent. Unfortunately, the clay piece came pretty dry, but it’s understandable because when I opened it the slime was almost a month old. I didn’t mix the piece into the slime because I didn’t want to ruin it, so I just mixed the clay with my hands and it softened up. Before I mixed in the clay, the slime was a nice thick and semi glossy slime. It did rip kind of easily, but after I mixed in the clay it was soft, stretchy and pleasant. I also appreciate the charm :) . It did inflate a lot, so if you get it be ready to have a bag, or some other place you can store the parts that don’t fit into the original container. Overall, I enjoyed the slime!

Pumpkin shortcake DIY

Was excited 2 get this. The smell was good. But after mixing it, it didnt become soft nor creamy its rather tough & hard to stretch & breaks constantly. Perhaps overactivated? On the other hand it does make lots of bubbles much more than u expect from a creamy slime.

Slime Wizard Tessie
Pumpkin shortcake DIY

The best slime on Instagram! Just wish we could order more DIY items as they are my kids favorite.

Maya Gianos
So good

So fun to play with!!! Has a fab sent!! And so hard to mix because it was so beautiful!!