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Melted Cinnamon Bears

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ultra juicy and thick jelly slime! smells just like real delicious Cinnamon Gummy bears and has the perfect gummy jelly like texture. Tons of red glitters throughout to represent the cinnamon and has a stunning bright red color!


Customer Reviews

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First & BEST Jelly Slime - 5/5 for a Reason!!!

First jelly slime I have purchased from DopeSlimes and was very impressed! The spicey cinnamon scent was amazing and matched the title perfectly! The texture was very juicy and soft and was not sticky at all! The bright neon color looked great as well! Upon inflating it, the slime did get a bit tacky, but nothing a little activator can't fix! Made fantastic ASMR and nice bubble pops, was not slow to stretch, and squished nicely too. I did buy the 5oz upgrade of the slime sampler pack (must purchase both) so that's why it didn't come with any add-ins or a proper name on the sticker. Loved it so much and will for sure buy more of their jellies in the future!! :)

Autumn Morast
Pretty good

The slime was nice. It was stretchy, hold able, but it was kind of sticky and the scent wasn’t my favorite.

Cinnamon gooey goodness

Was sticky on my hands at first but after some activator it was perfect, and smelled super nice!

*update the slime keeps melting down no matter how much activator I put in it sometimes

Valerie R.
Cinnamon yum!

I think the candy cinnamon bears are terrible, but this slime is so great. It smells just like them, but at least this I can just smell! :)

So Red!

I LOVE the colour of this one. Smells just like cinnamon candy, and the texture is so calming. Definitely recommend.

Frances Rivenbark
Big Red

Love the cinnamon scent and jelly textures are one of my favorites.

Rachel Balsitis
Free 5oz

Very nice slime scent is sooooo good