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Butterfly Petals Cloud

purple/pink super soft cloud slime made dye that will transition from purple to pink when not in use, so this slime will always be changing colors for you to mix together! super soft, fluffy, amazingly smooth and satisfying drizzles, topped with a layer of holo purple glitter & other small glitters!✨Scented a relaxing mixture of lavender and berry, and the sweet + floral scents compliment each other so well that you won’t be able to put this slime down!


Customer Reviews

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Kristy Kaye
Pretty good

This slime was lighter then in the pictures. It does not really smell like anything, but it has a very light sweet scent. it doesn't really feel like a cloud slime and it is not very drizzly but it is still super fun to play with! Cute and pretty glitters! The butterflies are very pretty and there is no snow fallout! 4/5

Cleo S.
Good slime :)

This is a nice slime! Awesome texture and great drizzles. It was also fun to mix in the glitters and the charms, but once you do, you can’t see them anymore. This would be 5 stars but the scent isn’t my favorite. Otherwise really nice :)

Shelby Johnson
Berry Beautiful Slime

This slime was very nice to hold and very comfortable to play with. I did not encounter any snow fallout and the scent is wonderful. I'm not usually a fan of berries and lavender, but this was nice.


This scent was so good! But this had huge snow fallout. this had good drizzles but not that smoothly, the butterfly holographics were very sharp to hands. other that that I LOVE the add ins! it had the color change! this was okay

April B.

Its a pretty purple & is nice & soft


This slime is so relaxing & soothing to watch. It's SO FLUFFY!! I did take the big butterflies out as they were a little pokey, but I added them to a hair clip so it was a double win!

really pretty and fluffy!

got this as part of the texture sampler pack. such a good color and cloud slimes are really fun to play with! the smell is good too, nice mix of berry and lavender, its a little more subtle that other slimes i have from here. unfortunaetly it leaves little white bits on my fingers and table when i play with it, not sure what those are, but i dont mind much and it may just be because its a cloud slime? its my first one so not sure. came fast, with a care card borax and candies. overall, really fun and i like it