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Lavender Sugar Scrub

our new lavender inspired sugar scrub slime is perfect for any texture / soothing scent lovers! a light purple clear base packed with crunchy sugar scrub beads that give it a satisfying scrub like texture! scented lavender marshmallow, a sweet yet floral soothing scent.


Customer Reviews

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Jessica Bender
so crunchy

so crunchy and gorgeous plus it smells so nice!! minimal fallout as long as you dont like rip it/stretch really fast LOL

Suzana Muhammad Said
Great slime, tiny bit of fallout

A great slime with an amazing scent (although it can get a bit intense, I got a little lightheaded after smelling it for a while) and arrived nicely. One problem it has is fallout when you stretch it like two other people said, although it’s not much.

Provided pictures, but it’s much more purple in real life and when it’s not cloudy.

Great slime

This slime has no fallout. It smells great and the texture is perfect. It also makes great crunches and is very satisfying. I recommend you buy this slime.

Tawnya McLain
Lots of Fallout

I love the scent and texture of this slime. You can get so many good pops and crunches out of it. I just wish that the beads did not fall out when stretching it.

Beads dislodge easily

I adore the texture, SUPER satisfying to squish and fold.
Sadly every time I attempted to stretch most of the time a bead would dislodge and zoom away.
Since they are clear beads they are especially hard to spot.
I even had left it alone even though the slime was on the stickier side, but didn't help hold in the beads.
Just gotta keep it over a table, or something to catch the falling beads and you're all set.