White Chocolate Cream

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light cream colored smooth yet ultra thick & glossy slime, the stunning color reminds me of white chocolateūüėć scented just like the name & topped with the charm shown!


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So to start off with the butter slime, it was great. It smell and felt great then the memory dough that one smells great and is super soft the Bingsu. It smells so bad at first it doesn’t smell like anything, but then it smells like something burning and rotten. I added perfume, and then it just smelled worse. Aloe Vera smells exactly the same and it was melted and activator wouldn’t fix it then with the Floam it was perfect. I loved it. The mint cream was so sticky. I couldn’t use it. The cloud slime was great. It’s smell amazing. The ice cream slime without gray and smell great too but out of all the mint cream, Bingsu and Aloe Vera were not great.

Love it!

Texture was so thick i loveeee it!! Scent was good doesn’t really smell that much like white chocolate, kinda artificial but it’s okay.


So thick had great pokes and bubble cracks. But the smell is like if you go to the dentist and they give you the funny gas but more in the white chocolate side then on the regular wish it was a little bit more like chocolate.

Love it!

Just got this slime and it’s amazing! Love the sent and texture and the pops and clicks

Gwendolyn Lewke
Love, but not a fan of the scent ūüíē

This slime is so nice, thick, and glossy. I will say the scent is not my favorite though, kind of a fake chocolate scent, but not in a good way. I looove Dopeslimes though and if you are not a fan of strong scents, this slime isn’t for you :)

Smells Delicious

I am in LOVE with this! Love the charm and it smells so AMAZING! I don’t like regular/Dark chocolate but I LOVE white chocolate!

Maryam Mustafa

This slime was my fav out of all the ones I got. It’s super nice and thick and stretchy. The smell is a really strong hazelnut (which I like) and not really chocolate. Smells exactly like a chocolate bueno bar but I don’t mind. I recommend this one.