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Watermelon Blast microDOUGH

a brand new exclusive texture for our shop! this is a super unique texture, it starts with a ultra soft, cloud like icee slime then filled with microbeads- it keeps its shape too and has the most satisfying tingly feeling when fluffed up.
this is our first microDOUGH slime: watermelon blast microDOUGH🍉✨
bright red color topped with our watermelon sprinkle mix & a charm! this new texture is so unique and dreamy, a new favorite that you gotta try & experience😍 scented just like watermelon candy!✨ 



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Leslie Kissane
It’s amazing

This is the best slime I have ever played with the texture is amazing and the smell is incredible

Hilary Smallwood

This slime is absolutely amazing! I love the texture of it, it feels so relaxing, I love the color ( a very nice shade of red), I also love the wet feeling it gives off it feels refreshing in a way. Thank you so much for making this slime and please keep making micro dough slimes as well tysm!

Chanelle McCool

Wonderful texture!

Mara Dersidan

This slime is really really good. It’s soft, stretchy and, sooooo fun to play with. I am always blown away, when dopeslimes makes new textures, because they are always so new, and different and something I would never expect. But they always work so well! I 100% recommend. 10/10 (also this slime is a little wet so if you don’t like that I would mabye stay away from it.)

Isabella Padilla
It was really cool

The slime was really fun to play with and the texture is really amazing but it feels wet I don’t really know how to explain it but the slime smells amazing and i noticed that some of white stuff I believe it was the snow would fall out but it was no big deal

Ty H.
Ok slime

Its ok, it smells good though its quite strong. Residue but its easily washable off. Very loose with very little crunch and no inflation. My only complaint is how wet it feels. No matter how much i stretch or mix it, it gives off a wet feeling

Kendall Aguilar

I love the way this slime feels and smells! It’s so fun to play with!!!