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Valentines Glimmer

stunning pink bingsu slime with red beads mixed throughout & topped with a valentines themed sprinkle mix! crunchy, satisfying and packed with bingsu beads & scented lemon squares with a hint of cheesecake! you will fall in LOVE with the scent!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amy B
Little sticky

Arrived stiff (from the cold weather) so I felt it sit for a bit and it was sticky afterwards. I activated it and it still had sticky residue after that. Overall I loved the texture. I have never had a slime this texture before

Cindy Francisco

My grandkids like it. It’s pretty and sparkly but it is sticky.

Love this slime 5 stars

Oh my gosh! Love this slime so much! I ordered three slimes and they all came pretty fast( 5 days, ordered on Saturday.) It was a somewhat sticky, but weirdly also a bit tuff. Although after I activated it and added some lotion, it was amazing. Would totally buy again. Plus the 5 ounce size is perfect

I wish I had more!

The texture, popping, stretching, and the SCENT of this was extremely pleasing and provided serious satisfaction for my stimuli-seeking behavior. The bingsu beads were visually stimulating. It got a little stiff after a few uses but I mixed in a little water and put it over my space heater for a few minutes and it loosened up. I wish it would last forever.

Mary V
My favorite one so far

This was my first time buying from a slime shop. I bought 3 differnt ones, and got a free one. I LOVE the texture of this one. The amount of fimo slices did not meet my expectations, it's okay but i wish there were more (photo shows how it arrived, looks like the fimos moved in the shipping process, but i had expected to find more inside than what i did). The discription says this slime has a scent, mine has ZERO scent; smells like clear glue is all. I think he forgot to add the scent to this batch of slime. I still give it 5 stars though, it is SO BEAUTIFUL and addicting to play with (i bought it for my 7 year old boy, he loves it also, but i play with it too). I would buy this slime again.
I ordered an activator spray pen that leaked all inside the box upon arival and therefore i received the pen nearly empty. I assume they have great customer service and will resolve the issue upon contact. Five stars for a fantastic slime shop.

Is good

Not my type of slime but it’s very good quality slim. I don’t like sticky sticky slimes and this one is EXTREMELY sticky and that’s my opinion

Heart the Hearts!

A little sticker than expected, but the perfect crunch for a perfect slime. Love the color and smell, perfect little charms too!