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Unicorn Sugar Rush

duo colored white glue floam slime— pink and purple crunchy full floam for any texture lover!  scented like a mix of sweet candies & topped with cube addins + a unicorn ice cream charm!

due to availability - this slime may come with a different charm than shown & no rainbow beads.

✨comment a name for this new slime! love the duo color pour😍

♬ original sound - Ian Asher

Customer Reviews

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Amber K.
Crunchy slime lovers dream!

If you like crunchy slimes, get this one! The snaps and pops you get from the thick and glossy texture of this slime is super satisfying! The foam beads and charms all add to the crunchier texture and help in making the awesome clicky sounds. This scent is very soft and just hardly noticeable. If you don’t like super strong scents this is one to try. I wouldn’t recommend this for slime beginners, as that thick texture isn’t always the easiest to work with but with just a little bit of experience any slime amateur should be able to make this lovely slime work for them. This slime leave absolutely no residue on my hands, so even though it’s a little stickier to hold on the foam beads, it’s no too sticky where it leaves a mess on my hands/table. It’s really the perfect blend of sticky yet holdable .

SS Coolj
Love this one

Love this one! It’s the perfect amount of floam and slime.

Sara Echols
Satisfying sounds!

I love the foam slimes because the sounds they make while playing with them, and this one did not disappoint, would give 10 starts if possible!

Will the slime get hard if I live in a different climate than you guys or whith shipping

I just received this slime for my kid and her slime did not come whith the colorful add ons

Tawnya McLain
So Fun

I love the beads as a change of mix-in. Floam slimes are so fun and this is no exception. There are different sizes of mix-ins which makes it fun and interesting to play with.

Jaimee Driscoll

So crunchy and fun! I love the texture of this one. I didn't get the rainbow beads, but I'm not missing them at all. Gave one to my niece for her birthday and she loves it.

Too cute!

I bought this slime for my niece and she loved it! The unicorn charm is adorable!