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Tiffany's Frosting

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Rich, soft & smooth butter slime scented a velvety sweet vanilla frosting. Beautiful tiffany blue color and has an ultra spreadable, dreamy texture that inflates a ton. Topped with a color matching frosting pipette charm.


Customer Reviews

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Linsie Schrum
Tiffany’s frosting!!

Smelled so good it was sold out originally but I finally got it. I love it

Slime Wizard Tessie
Tiffany’s Frosting

One of our favorites! Smells amazing!

Always amazing

Got the Tiffany Frosting butter slime for a third time. I absolutely love the color and texture of this slime. I spend hours playing with it especially when I get stressed
I will say that the smell is wonderful too, but this last batch I got is more faint then the others.
Is there a way to revive the smell?

Taylor Lowe

Love this one! Great smell and love the little piping bag

Blakeley S
😔 it’s okay not great

It’s okay at first it was amazing!! It smells so great and the color is so beautiful! After a few weeks it started to be difficult to stretch! I am a little disappointed but I do like this slime!

Cindy Z
Its okay

I bought this slime 4 days ago and I had been wanting it for a long time. I was so excited to recieve my package. I bought a slime from dopeslimes before and I could not put it down.

When it came, it inflated a ton, and it wouldn't even fit in the container. It was soft and smooth, and very fun to play with. After a few days, This one, however.. it felt very clay heavy and hard to stretch. It also deflated. It did not look like how it was advertised though..It is a bit difficult to stretch. The scent was amazing, and the color is pretty, and it is topped off with an adorable charm. If you like textures like this, this one is for you, but if you are not fond of clay heavy textures, I would not reccomend this one.

Bree B
Who doesn't love Tiffany's?!?

The color is spot on Tiffany's blue. A nice smooth buttery texture and sweet vanilla scent. The frosting charm is so cute (once I finally got it out of the slime)! Ha ha, worth the effort to clean it off, it was super cute!