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Sugared Strawberry Scrub

 a deep pink, thick clear base scented just like sweet sugared strawberries! filled with sugar scrub beads which adds amazing crunch & texture. topped with a strawberry candy charm and strawberry fimos!



Customer Reviews

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Bree B
Loved this Slime!

This was the perfect texture. Beads didn't fall out but still fun to play with and cute fimo slices! An amazing smell and fun add-in!

Smells good

This slime smells VERY good. The smell of the strawberry is great and the texture is even better! Once the slime is inflated, the pops it makes are wonderful. Would definitely recommend!

Valerie R.

This slime is just so pretty! I bought one for myself, but now I'm buying another for a gift!

Hilary Smallwood

Hello there, first of all I have not purchased this slime just to clear that up. So the reason I am writing a review is because I purchased the lychee jelly boba slime which is awesome by the way so fun! And I got a charm with it that I think is a strawberry and I was very pleased with this slime and thought the charm was awesome! Then one day I went to write a review for the lychee boba slime and saw the picture for it had a different charm then what I got so once I saw this I was a bit perplexed NOT sad or mad just perplexed then a couple days later I was looking for more slime and found this slime and once I looked at the charm I realized the charm for this slime is the one I got for my lychee boba slime! And I thought that was sooooo funny. Anyway that’s all I’m not complaining about that I just wanted to say that they either put in the wrong charm or ran out of charms for the lychee boba one! That’s all thanks for making these funny moments I will keep buying from you in a heartbeat.🙏

Chanelle McCool

I really enjoyed this slime! I love the texture and the pops were great!

Stephanie Arters
Bad smell

The texture of this slime is great but the smell is chemical like. I don’t know if it’s a reaction from the sugar scrub beads or what but it’s not enjoyable.

Karolina Engono Mve
I love it+

This slime is amazing, and the smell is so good, it reminds me of a strawberry lollipop. So satisfying, and the charm has a gummy texture, i find it cool