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Strawberry Peach Yogurt

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Super thick and glossy slime with super cute jumbo fimo slices throughout!

Smells super realistic to the name: strawberry peach yogurt!

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This slimes was sooo clicky and bubble poppy, and it smells amazing! The little strawberry slices are so cute too!

N James
Very nice smell

Smells amazing, and personally love butter slime and the softness. I could only get the five ounce, the rest was out of stock, but I feel like it is very expensive for the amount you receive. Other companies give you more for your money.

Jimmy King
My new favorite slime!🔥

It’s a great slime, with a thick and glossy texture and a fruity scent!👍🔥❤️

Connie Morales
Strawberry Peach Yogurt

This slime is perfect! My mother loved the scent! I like how the thick texture isn’t your typical Glue All like other slime shops, but rather it's a gummy and squishy texture! Will definitely buy again!

Kendall Aguilar

This slime is really pretty however it does make a mess.


Smells delish and is a great slime. I prefer the bright colors I think but this one was as good as they all are!

Keira Spiers
NO words can describe how much i LOVE this slime!

I’ve had this slime for about two months i think, and it has been really amazing up until about 2 weeks ago. The slime was pretty sticky when i got it, so i added some activator and then it was SOOO perfect. Exactly what i wanted, but i think i might have added to much activator and so the slime got kinda of stiff, it also could be that i had been playing with it for a while every day and so i might have made it stiffer. Still i would definitely recommend this slime, just be careful when activating it😅. And the smell is also SOOO amazing!! it smells exactly like peach, strawberry yogurt!! I’d give this slime a 5/5 star review because it could have been my fault for over activating it LOL.