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Strawberry Peach Yogurt

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Super thick and glossy slime with super cute jumbo fimo slices throughout!

Smells super realistic to the name: strawberry peach yogurt!


Customer Reviews

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Smells delish and is a great slime. I prefer the bright colors I think but this one was as good as they all are!

Keira Spiers
NO words can describe how much i LOVE this slime!

I’ve had this slime for about two months i think, and it has been really amazing up until about 2 weeks ago. The slime was pretty sticky when i got it, so i added some activator and then it was SOOO perfect. Exactly what i wanted, but i think i might have added to much activator and so the slime got kinda of stiff, it also could be that i had been playing with it for a while every day and so i might have made it stiffer. Still i would definitely recommend this slime, just be careful when activating it😅. And the smell is also SOOO amazing!! it smells exactly like peach, strawberry yogurt!! I’d give this slime a 5/5 star review because it could have been my fault for over activating it LOL.

love this one

one of my faves, best texture for sure

Liz S
So yummy

I received this slime as a mystery slime and it's also my first proper thick and glossy. I'd bought a Nutella thick and glossy from another store but it didn't look glossy at all and it didn't click, I didn't like it at all. But this one is so great. I love the clicky sounds and it lives up to its name. I love the smell too, and all the strawberries make a good texture and visual. My daughter loves searching for the strawberries like a scavenger hunt. This slime showed me that I really do like thick and glossy slimes, and I'm currently looking through the shop to find a bigger thick and glossy because I'm sure it'll be even more fun when there's more of it

Billie Minor
Awesome! Get this right now!

This slime felt SO good, smelled SO good, and it was very loud, i love it

Angela Schneider
It's an amazing slime!

This slime is so amazing! It's super nice and stretchy! The only downside was, that after a week or so, it got a lot stickier, but that's a given with any slime

Ava Parfman
Loved it and AMAZING SMELL!

I loved this slime, such an AMAZING strawberry scent I loved it. I definitely recommend it!