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Strawberry Açaí Refresher

Super clear and crunchy light pink fishbowl slime with jumbo fimo slices throughout! Super pretty, inspired by the Starbucks drink!


Customer Reviews

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Good but melted

I love this company and they are the best but this slime was very good but had no smell and it melted after a while I don’t know if I had it in a wrong area or something but it melted but all the other slimes I have gotten I have love sooooooo much!!

Amina D
Its nice, could be better

I am loving this slime, But I have a few complaints that change how I feel about it.
Number one, When it comes, it is overly sticky. I mixed in a drop of the activator and it was fine. but before that, it left a residue on everything. I understand that It has to be a little sticky for it to hold the beads, but It did still hold when I added the activator. Also, a little bit of creativity on the jar would be nice too, like a Starbucks logo, or something better in general. But the pros, I love the color and crunchiness, It makes such a nice noise too.

Overall, I love this slime, but it is not worth it to get it in an 8oz, I'm glad to have it in only a 5oz.

Terri M.
Great Color & Crackle Sound!

This slime is fun! The little strawberry pieces are a great size & adds to the look of this slime. The crackle noise this makes is very satisfying and it smells is not overwhelming! Totally recommend!

Breanna H.
Pretty but not a favorite.

We loved the color but it was too sticky for either of my kids' preferences.

Haley Gerber

It was a bad slime it was hard and I could not poke it I had to throw the slime away

Gorgeous 😍

I love this slime the bubble pops are amazing and it’s super cute concept.


Has an amazing smell just like starbucks but the texture isn't my favorite.