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Beautiful light blue icee slime, super soft and sizzley, airy texture and topped with iridescent glitter and blue star fimo slices! The texture is so soft and once inflated it’s super airy & light.

scented just like blue raspberry slushee and it smells super sweet😍


Customer Reviews

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Perfect blue icee

The scent is spot on for a blue icee and the texture is great although a little on the wet side for me. I actually didn’t like the star sprinkles because I feel like it messes with the texture but I just took mine out.

Apple Apple

First I would like to say this was a super great price for the amount you get (I got an 8 oz). Now onto the slime. The texture was super duper soft and there wasn’t as much snow residue as I was expecting, which was quite nice. I really liked the color, along with the cute add ins. The scent was super yummy. It smelled like a sour blue raspberry candy which was very pleasant.

Spencer Sunni

This is our first time getting this kind of slime! It was so much fun to play with!
I made a video that you can check out here.

Jessica Michalski
Oh my God

This is my favorite slime from dopeslimes. The smell is sooooo amazing. The real thing is the feel. This slime feels sooo good to squish and play with. My collection is getting sooooo big.


Let's start with the pros:
This was satisfying, addicting, and drizzley. It was also clicky, which is unusual for a snow based slime. This was my first slime that I ordered from this shop, and it was awesome. It can with a care sheet, borax, a candy, and a 10% off coupon for my next slime.
Now the cons:
There was a LOT of snow residue, it didn't bubble crunch, and the scent became tiring. There also weren't a lot of fimo slices, because it didn't make a difference. It was also a little overactivated.
I ordered a 5 oz, and it was 4.5 stars.

smells amazing

this slime was really nice and had a really good icee texture that was stretchy and soft. it smells like sour patch/sour candy, and there is iridescent glitter and star charms that mix in really pretty. the color in the photo is identical to the color in real life. overall, super pretty slime!

Samantha Wolfe
Love the smell!

Great smell and texture. No issues with fallout.