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Beautiful light blue icee slime, super soft and sizzley, airy texture and topped with iridescent glitter and blue star fimo slices! The texture is so soft and once inflated it’s super airy & light.

scented just like blue raspberry slushee and it smells super sweet😍

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Customer Reviews

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Its okay

I love the cloud slime texture but I wouldn't say that this is the best slime. Some cons are that it's really sticky so it can get stuck on your carpet and the scent is very strong so you could possibly get a headache from it. Some pros are that I love the stars, and I sort of like the smell even though it was a bit too strong. Overall I rate this 3 stars because there are a few cons but it is still a pretty good slime

Pretty good!!

Not my favorite slime as it leaves a little residue on your hands and is a little hard to pull (just too airy for me, although I assume other people must like this) but fun to poke and roll. Scent is nicer than several others that I purchased, which were all OVERWHELMINGLY strong. This scent isn't the best I've ever smelled either, but definitely better than several others.

Love it!!

This slime is super nice and stretchy I'm so glad I purchased and I'm looking to buy it again soon!

Amazing! but...

This is really the first slime I have ever bought so uh, idk if it's supposed to be like this but, the good things. I love the texture and how soft it is, the packaging and everything is also amazing! It came really well packed, and only in a few days! (I bought 2 5 ounces) Idk if anyone else had this, but after playing with it, my hands just felt, wet? idk if it was just the fragrance or something but it did make my hands smell a bit lol. I also found that it was a bit pungent, overall, awesome slime, bit pungent, awesome packaging and texture and stuff, and I really liked it!


Loved it!

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