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Spearmint memoryDOUGH

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super dense & smooth clay slime that is perfect for holding and squeezing.

NEW slime texture! memoryDOUGH— if you squeeze it or shape it, it will keep its shape, just like memory foam. Plus if you poof it up, it inflates a ton which results in a super sizzley butter slime

scented with aromatherapy grade spearmint essential oil & it’s super relaxing


Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
One of my fav’s.

Dope slimes memory dough is the best! I love it. The smell isn’t my favourite but I love that it doesn’t dry out and it keeps its shape.

Nice and Thick

I bought this to experience butter slime for the first time. This slime was so thick and velvety and was fun to play with as I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy a glossy, sticky slime quite yet. The smell was pleasant but I wish it were more present. I was hoping it would be as strong at 5 Gum. Instead it smelled more like shaving cream. A simple tweak to the smell intensity and I'd say it's a 5/5! Still a great product and if your considering purchasing this slime, do it. It's been just about a week since purchase and I've played with this slime daily now (great for anxiety). The slime is still as fresh as the day I got it!

A little disappointed ( I'm sorry)

This was my first time buying from dopeslimes, I was a little disappointed because a few days later it became very stiff :9! I looked at your slime shop and decided it was perfect! The slime arrived in 6 days! :( I tried adding lotion but it did not help! I will give this slime shop a another chance, I did not want to give this a bad review! I will buy again don't worry!

Lovely texture

Absolutely fantastic texture, really great to play with, Incredibly holdable.

My favorite💚

Very good quality slime. Love the scent. Not too overwhelming and that’s good. Very soft, smooth texture. I have OCD and sensory issues so this slime is perfect for calming me down. Stretches really nice and I just love it 😍