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Sour Watermelon Pop

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white glue microfloam slime scented sour watermelon gummy! tons of fun watermelon fimos and sprinkles throughout- super crunchy and smells amazing!

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Amber K.
Fun texture

I love the feel of this slime. The little beads give something different to feel. If you work the slime just right you can get some snaps and pops. It is sticky in order to hold onto those beads so don’t give this to new slimers. We’ve never had any beads pop out of residue left over after playing. We like the watermelon charms, the big ones are easy to remove if you so desire, the little ones not so much. These floam slimes do separate quickly, so be prepared to give it a good mix when you first open it to redistribute all the fun mix ins. The scent is super! Mouthwatering watermelon! Reminds me of watermelon candy! Overall we really like this slime and the kids like to fight over it, which says a lot with the huge collection we have!

Spot on

The watermelon scent is exactly like watermelon and it feels amazing.


I love the way it smells, the asmr experience is solid, I love the way the little foams feel in contrast to the bigger foams in some of the other slimes. My only complaint is that I only found one large watermelon slice and I was kind of hoping for more, but I can roll with that.

Delilah Lessley
Slime review

It was ok does not smell like sour watermelon I feel like it does not fit the description as much as I would like it too but it have a good texture if it starts to dry out use white glue and it will help

Jeanne Hough
Just like watermelon... sugar

Sorry, couldn't resist that... my 8 year old loves this slime. Vibrant color, smells awesome and cool texture. Beautifully packaged with 3 other slimes in a nice box with everything you need. Great shop, will be back for more.


My daughter loved this slime. The smell was great and she loved the beads in it.

Nicole S.
Smells Amazing!

Love this slime, it smells so good!