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S'mores Campfire

duo colored & textured slimes, starts with a light brown crunchy packed snowfizz on the bottom & a creamy soft white butter slime on top! both are scented just like s’mores + rolled in graham colored clay chunks & topped with a dollop of clear chocolate drizzle slime!

ur s’mores campfire slime is inspired by Last Crumb’s decadent S’mores Sans Campfire cookie!


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
It’s fine

The texture is fun it inflates a lot and it’s so soft. But inflates so much that it won’t fit back in the container. Ok let’s talk about the scent it makes me nauseous. I don’t think it smells realistic it smells really weird.

Gina Csaszar
Not crazy about the texture

I’m not a fan of the crunchy texture but it smells great! It inflates a lot and is hard to get back into the jar. I still like it tho

Gina Csaszar
It’s ok!

I’m not a fan of the crunchy texture and it inflated so much it won’t fit back into the container. So the container should be slightly larger.

Holly Fischer
Love the texture

I absolutely love the texture of this one. It inflates a lot! I can't wait to get more like this texture.

S’more campfire

This texture is by far maybe my favorite it’s so nice feeling feels like a crunchy fluffy cloud if that makes sense. But let’s talk about the scent it’s absolutely the best it makes me want to eat it but ofc it’s not edible overall this slime is my favorite so far

Carly Edwards
Love it

This is so much fun to mix. It has a great texture even after you mix it up and is a blast to play with.

Stacie Bosch
Perfect for Camping!

The scent on this slime is a perfect match to a campfire and the texture is absolutely perfect. It has the perfect mixture of buttery soft with texture.