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Seashell Cove

this slime is stunning, a neon blue and pink ultra crunchy fishbowl slime with a perfectly smooth clear base! has the cutest pearl + seashell glitter & topped with a blue or pink seashell charm



Customer Reviews

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Mia Sauceda
not a good slime

it came very sticky, at first i thought that it was because it stayed outside in the package for a long time. we even put the slime in the fridge so it could cool down, and it was still sticky. Wouldn't recommend


My friend got this slime she loved the colors that were displayed on the website and decided to buy it. She was very dissatisfied when the slime came a baby pink and baby blue, the same color as the shells. It was also pretty hard to play with the big clunky shells in the slime. While the end color initially turned out pretty, when she mixed it more it turned grey. Though the fishbowl slime was amazing, it did have its downs.

Alondra Tafoya

Amazing slime very crunchy. Mine came with a extra charm. Will definitely order more slime.

Smells and looks amazing

Was definitely sticky at first but I followed the directions it came with and it's amazing!!

Brianne Gerzevske
Perfection minus the charm

I’m still going to give this five stars but I would recommend removing the clamshell charm before playing. The texture is perfect with the pearls and fishbowl beads. The color is gorgeous when the pink and blue fully incorporate!

Jaimie Kibbee

Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors and the texture is super fun!

Sue Rogozinski
This one is a little sticky.

I have a few of your products and I'm very happy with all of them, including this one. It was a little stickier than the rest. So much so that it takes a bit to get it cleaned off my hands before getting all back into the container. I turn, I reach for that one the least. I will try to do some magic with the borax that you sent, which by the way--excellent customer care to include that.

ps...I'm an adult...I "play" with them on my work desk during meetings. It's a great stress reliever!