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Seashell Cove

this slime is stunning, a neon blue and pink ultra crunchy fishbowl slime with a perfectly smooth clear base! has the cutest pearl + seashell glitter!

due to availability— this slime may not come with the large charm.



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tawnya McLain
Fun Slime

This was a fun slime. I love the fishbowl texture and the charms are so cute!

Katie List
Unique and amazing!

This slime can get a little sticky but I love everything else about it!

Lucas Maldonado

Cool texture with great bubble pops and very pretty. The charms are cute and don't hurt your hands. It does sometimes get a little sticky but still a good slime

Dane Bailey
Smells good, crunchy, a little sticky

This slime makes great crunchy noises and mixes into a really pleasant pinky-purple color. My only issue is that it’s a bit too sticky. I understand that slimes like these need to be sticky to hold the fishbowl beads in, but it’s just *a little* too sticky. Otherwise it’s great!

Fun, but sticky

I get that the slime has to be sticky to hold all the fishbowl beads, but wew... it's SO sticky. I used the agitator to help with the stickiness and it's much better. Definitely a slime that I can't let my girls play with, without supervision still because it's just too messy. Smells amazing! It was fun to mix the pink and blue to become a beautiful purple.

Soooo purple

It’s beautiful it’s a lil sticky but other than that it’s great 👍

Sara Echols
Love love love

This one is so cute and so fun! I love the larger beads that come in it! The ASMR with this one is soooooo good! Was a little stiff straight out of the tub, but once you warm it up in your hands it’s the most fun!