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SeaDream Jelly

Super pretty 2-toned jelly slime topped with super pretty iridescent white glitter and pink holo sea shell sequins & a shiny charm! Inflates a ton and smells amazing, super fun and squishy texture!!

Scented a delicious mix of Tropical Fruits!

discounted due to color mixing— will come as a solid blue color.





Customer Reviews

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Wonderful slime

The single blue color is beautiful too; but I wished I could’ve mixed it.


its a great slime, doesn't stretch fast but is really good for bubble pops. only issue is that it shrinks over time? might be something with the product they use because another slime i purchased from here also shrunk.

secret person
want it so bad!!!

I want this slime so bad but it's out of stock and also just a reminder that if it mixes in shipping don't be mad and write a bad review because it actually says it could mix during shipping and especially if you live in a different country so please don't hate they probably work very hard!!! :D

Five stars 🌟

The smell the clicks the color. Everything is perfect. I cant put it down!

Yesss! Love!

This is one of my first jelly slime purchases and I think its my new favorite. Makes the best clicks and is super pretty

Sabina H.
New favorite!!!!

I lived in Hawaii when I was a kid and this slime reminds me of the turquoise ocean there and drinking virgin piña colada’s on the beach 🥲 Love the color, texture, shell charm, glitter, and the sent!!

Pretty good

This slime is pretty good! I like it, the scent is okay, more like fruit punch then tropical fruits, happened with the sparkling sprites too.. (but the frozen pink drink was great!) I've never tried a jelly slime before, but it feels like a generic thick and glossy slime without the gloss.. so a thick slime.. is it supposed to feel different? It's a good slime, but I probably won't get another jelly, I prefer thick and glossy over jelly, but unless it's supposed to feel different maybe I'll try again!