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Santa Hat Frost

ultra deep bright red colored soft icee textured slime topped with shimmering fine glitter and santa hat fimos! smells just like sweet cherries, vanilla, and candy cane!- a delicious super sweet scent yet refreshing scent blend blend!


Customer Reviews

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Jaimee Driscoll
Still great all the way in April

I got this because the scent sounded awesome and it was on sale. This is a new favorite. The texture is juicy and frosty, the scent is glorious, and the little fimo santa hats are great. I opened this to play with it and didn't realize it had been half an hour. Highly recommended, no matter the season.

Best cloud like slime

Great cloud like slime , great smell , my favourite , best slime ,A+

Carly Edwards
Love love love

I am obsessed with this slime, the Santa hats on top are so cute! I smell more cherry than anything else, but it's not overpowering. I originally bought it because it was on sale and I wanted to try something other than the butter slimes I'm used to. The texture is perfect, I was worried about it being sticky or having a lot of fall out but that's not the case at all. I wasn't sure I was going to like the icee texture as I had never played with it before, but combined with the smell it's my favorite out of the package I received. I like it so much I even treated myself and bought another one! I hope this is something they bring back again in the winter.

A little strong

I like Cherry but this was VERY VERY cherry, and was just a little intense for me compared to the strength of the scents in other slimes. The stretch and feel are lovely, but you can’t really see the Santa hats and the fallout was kind of heavy.


I didn’t really like the smell, but still a great texture.

Cute but nothing special

This slime was cute and looked like the photos but it was nothing special compared to the others we ordered.

Kaya R

It has a nice color and feel but the smell is a strong cherry scent