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Royal Mint

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delicious mint chocolate ice cream scent paired super pigmented thick clear slime! 
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Customer Reviews

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Erica Whitesock
Royal mint

The color of this slime was just as you see it in the picture. It is a really pretty blue/green iridescent color with a mint fragrance.

Anastasia Beverhusen
Yay on the textur nay on the scent

Great quality slime! After a week of having it though, its odor has taken over every cabinet I place it in. Overwhelmingly pungent and odd scent. Both my kiddos refuse to play with it.

Roman Henry
Not the best, but not bad

This slime is super pretty and the scent is nice, the texture for a little is good especially for clicking b u t it was, for me, really sticky even after I activated it. It became playable for a couple of minutes and then was super sticky again. Overall not bad, but I wouldn't 100% recommend.

Super Thick

This slime is great quality, very thick, pretty color, and good smell! I would recommend! (This is after i played with it btw)

Alexandra Manthei
Nice touch of Honey-scent?

My senses have been messed up since I got COVID in March so I wasn't sure if the smell of honey as well as mint was intentional or not. But I really love it.

Soo pretty

This slime is stunning. It smells like the other mint scents from this shop and fine. The color is where this slime is amazing. The color changes and shifts as you play and in different light. The slime is thick and glossy but does move some. There is some residue left after playing but I find that common for these pigmented clear slimes. Overall a nice slime that really is amazing because of the color.

Frances Rivenbark
So Smooth!

Glossy, thick, smooth, and smelled awesome. Highly recommend.