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Red Velvet Ice-Cream Cake

  another edition to our ice cream cake themed slimes! this slime is any red velvet lovers' dream! dense yet soft and smooth ice cream textured slime with a layer of packed snow fizz slime in the middle that mixes into a squishy, unique texture! scented just like red velvet cake with a hint of strawberry and topped with mini white pearls.



Customer Reviews

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Definitely not my favorite.

This slime is very dense and a bit hard to play with. I tried to contact Dope slimes but I didn't get a reply back. The scent isn't very accurate, smells more like bitter chocolate, maybe slightly sweeter when it's warm but still not a red velvet cake scent. The texture itself didn't stretch much either and kind of fell apart easily. I ended up needing to add a bit more glue to smooth it out for it to become the texture of it in their video and make it playable. I also added a little bit of scent on my own after not getting a reply back to sweeten the scent to become a little more realistic to red velvet.

Abbatha Spivey

My daughter loves this so much! It is amazing!

Tiffany Davalos
Beautiful slime!

Appearance: 10/10
Texture: 9/10
Scent: 7/10
Scent Accuracy: 6/10
Fallout/Residue: 10/10

My first reaction was that the pearl beads and color of this slime is absolutely beautiful. I love the shine of the beads and the feel of them. The snow fizz layer was not as thick as it was in the website photo/video so I didn't get quiet as much white/red marbling when mixing the slime as in their presentation. The slime is dense and doughy and had a very smooth texture. It is very thick and it's not a stretchy slime, I might need to modify it a little to change that because I enjoy stretching my slimes a lot. This is a very low maintenance slime which is amazing for anyone not wanting to deal with residue or stickiness. It came perfectly activated and ready to go. I can play with it for a long while and just enjoy it, unlike some other textures. Now onto the scent, I'll be honest I was disappointed. I bought the slime for my love of red velvet cake but I didn't get red velvet scent I craved. It smells like unsweetened dark chocolate. It doesn't smell sweet or like cake or ice cream. I don't know if a scent was missing or if it is the scent profile typically used, but it needs some cake essence to it in my opinion. I asked a friends thought as well, and they stated to them it smells like chocolate playdough.

One week update:
The scent has improved and gotten sweeter over time, so I'm happy with that. Still missing that sweet red velvet cake essence but now it smells good!

More photos and review updates of this slime on my instagram, OnyxRoseSlimes.

Tyler a

Awesome slime, the texture is like stretchy play dough, one of my favorites and the scent is great!