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Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher

clear glue based fishbowl slime. Bright yellow color and packed with clear fishbowl beads to add a perfect crunch & texture-- scented just like the drink too (pineapple passionfruit lemonade) Topped with a sprinkle of pineapple ring fimos & a pineapple chunk charm!

guess the drink this slime is inspired by🥤🍍 making new slimes for our next drop🤩

♬ Come Prima - Tito Puente And His Orchestra & Abbe Lane

Customer Reviews

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Fun slime

This slime was different from the other because the beads were bigger but made the bodies louder the scent is just barley there and I love the cute add ins


The general theme and idea of this slime is cute (as is the mini pineapple charm) and the beads make good bubble pops, but that's about it. No matter what I do to the slime, it stays extremely sticky and keeps sticking to my hands. It's supposed to be scented like pineapple passionfruit lemonade but mine smells like nothing so maybe the scent was skipped or forgotten in my batch or something. I wish I knew how to fix the stickiness because it looks like it would be a fun slime to play with... I've tried the borax solution, having ice-cold hands and even putting it in the fridge but that just makes it hard and unstretchable. :(

isabella krause
i messed up

i had the slime and it came sticky so i put some activator and it wasn’t working so i added more and now i accidentally added to much now its stiff wish i could get another

David Alonzo

Was a bit sticky with first use(sticking to hands,not coming off) had to add a bit of solution to adjust it but overall daughter loves it.

This is my favorite slime I've bought

I've bought a few different kinds of slime now, and I just love the texture on this one. Lots of beads gives a very satisfying hand feel. It will shed a little if you pull it apart too fast. However, this is my favorite one - I keep going back to play this one the most.

Ava Peele
I am in love with this

This slime is amazing it wasn’t sticky and wasn’t to over activatingd

Smells just the Drink! Amazing 🤩

This is one of my most best smelling slimes I’ve gotten from Dope Slimes it’s to die for! I love the fishbowl beads and the pineapple 🍍 charm!