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Peppermint Crunch Cake

Any ASMR lover will fall in love with this new Unique textured slime. Starts with a thin layer of ice cream textured slime then filled with a white glue full floam with green & white beads! Topped with a peppermint sprinkle mix - turns into a super inflating unique floam texture & scented a dreamy blend of cake, vanilla, cookies, & a hint of candy cane.

Customer Reviews

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Peppermint crunch cake

One of my daughters favorites!

Bree B
10/10 for fun, smell & textures!

This was one of my favorite slimes! It had a mixture of different textures and add-ins and was fun to mix. Also smelled great! Not too pepperminty but still not the classic vanilla cupcake either.

Amanda Silber
This was my daughter’s favorite!

She loved this one and says it was “very satisfying”

Daniel Park
So worth it

Got it as a gift for my fiancé after she watched you guys on TikTok. Literally so cool and keep up the great work!!!

Favorite so far!

I’ve gotten a few Dope Slimes before, but this is one of my favorites I’ve purchased! Once mixed, this slime has a very smooth and soft texture, and combined with the floam beads it is very soothing to play with. I only wish that mine had some more beads in it, but that is up to personal preference. The scent is lovely, and isnt overwhelming. To me it smells like sweet vanilla buttercream with a hint of peppermint. Vanilla scents can easily give me a headache but this is just perfect. The little charms and sprinkles are so cute and add to the texture of the slime. Again, one of my favorites that I have gotten from them and my favorite floam. Very much worth it!

Jordyn Mitchell
Crunch Cake Review

The texture is rather nice, it is stretchy too. I wish the peppermint toppings and sprinkles were separate so I could mix them in myself, but overall it is a very good slime.