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Peppermint Bark Cake Pops

This is a ultra thick and glossy slime with jumbo foam balls! topped with handmade clay chunks, peppermint fimos & sprinkles! the foam balls give this one such a fun texture and it’s soo thick! scented just like white choclaye, peppermint, and a hint of frosting & cake (it smells amazing!!)


Customer Reviews

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Skylar Taylor
Powerful Peppermint

Very thick, glossy white slime with cute add ins. Powerful peppermint smell, not my personal favorite but still smells good enough to play with. Wish they had more balls in the slime but still satisfied overall.

Bailee Schneeberger

So I got my sister this slime for Christmas but she went snooping and found it and know I have to get her a new one but she absolutely loved it’s like she wouldn’t stop playing with it but the slime over all is amazing

So thick!

This slime is so insanely thick that I was just obsessed with it. Smelled just like peppermint. I ordered a 5oz but if I were you, I’d order an 8oz because it was a bit difficult to play with the amount of slime at times because of the two jumbo foam balls that was in it but I still couldn’t stop playing with it and the smell was to die for.