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Peanut Butter & Jelly DIY


PB&J slime with our new super fun DIY clay kit!

2x 5oz slimes - Peanut butter butter slime & Jelly clear slime! Plus two full bread clay pieces.
The mixed texture is so nice, super dense yet soft and stretchy, The blended scents smells just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Customer Reviews

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Christopher M.
In love 🥰

I received this as a birthday gift and was immediately nervous by how stuck the jelly slime was. As a person with sensory issues, I was prepared to be grateful, but I expected to hate this. However, it all mixed together beautifully and the scent is subtle enough to be delicious without being overwhelming. This slime is actually now my favorite.
Can be a bit drying on the hands, but that’s no biggie. Would have loved to receive a container that can accommodate the whole slime once it is mixed.
Overall, 10/10.
Ps. Still playing with it regularly 4 months later and it’s holding up beautifully.

Melissa S.
Peanut Butter and Jelly

Like all clear slimes, the jelly slime came really sticky but became less sticky after I mixed it with the clay bread. The peanut butter slime was very overwhelming, but it had a great texture. Mixing the slimes together was so fun, but I wish I had kept some of the original jelly slime because the color was so beautiful. Overall a fun experience!

Amazing slimes!

These slimes by themselves and with the clay mixed in are awesome textures and slimes! I kept some of the peanut butter and jelly separate because I loved the textures so much and mixed some with the clay and they make a beautiful new texture. I was able to get three different slimes and textures for one price! Highly recommend!

Jazlyn Rivera

Love it


My kids and I loved this slime. They have played with it so much it has started to dry out. My only complaint is when everything is mixed together the amount of slime there is, is too much to fit in the containers it came with. We wound splitting the slime up in order to store it. Otherwise we loved it.

Loved it!

My first DIY and I loved it! The scents of the slimes were amazing. I would love to be able to buy them separately. The bread slices were cute and mixed in very well.

Jaimie Kibbee

So far my favorite DIY kit. So fun and the texture and smell are to die for. Really can't recommend it enough!