PB&J Swirl

layered clear purple jelly slime (scented just like grape jelly) with a dense, creamy butter slime (peanut butter scented) to swirl together & create the perfect combo! smells just like a PB&Jūü§§ topped with bread slice fimos too‚ÄĒ the perfect touch!¬†



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Ember H.

I ordered the Mystery 8 oz and received the Pb& J Swirl and I LOVE it. It‚Äôs the perfect butter slime and it smells like Goober. It‚Äôs super stretchy and honestly I think the little bread slice fimos are soooo cuteūüė≠

Cindy K
Fun and smells just like jelly!

Ha! Quite amazing how they got this to smell just like jelly. It's fun to mix together but the jelly is a bit sticky. After it's all mixed it has a very satisfying texture. The little mix-ins are adorable. If it gets sticky a little spray of activator will fix that. (Remember to add on a little bottle at checkout...its so convenient). The ONLY downside might be the end color, it's an orange ish looking peanut butter, but keeps its jelly scent. Pretty neat.

Love love this one!

Mmmm. the peanut butter & jelly is AMAZING!! We loved combining the two colors and playing with this soft and buttery slime. I wish the scent was a little stronger, The smell of peanut butter and jelly didn't really come through very strong. The kids loved the little pieces of toast inside. We would definitely buy this one again though.


I love this slime!!! It is super fluffy and amazing!! It smells like peanut butter!!!

Too sticky

This slime is too sticky it makes it unusable. Not sure if we received a bad batch. Very disappointed

Great texture, needs improvement

I love the texture, but the scent is a bit strong for me. More importantly, the slime came already completely mixed together. This made me sad, for I would’ve like to see the jelly part and mix it together myself.

It's was horrible, second one was awesome ūüĎć

I was mortified when my slime came with the lid off and slowly me everywhere. I have bought from this shop so many times, and this has never happened, it was and easy fix, I played with it for 10 minutes at a time, now (three days later,) it's glue again, and super sticky, not even slime like, bought the activator pen, and it didn't reactivate, I bought another slime, it arrived fine, I will still, totally buy again from this shop even after all that happened, the second slime was perfect ūüėć