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Cotton Candy

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Pink cloud slime scented just like cotton candy. Has an amazing drizzle and the perfect cloud texture. Smells amazing, just like the name!


Customer Reviews

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Nicole L
Fluffy and perfect

I bought this slime with the hope that it could be an alternative to the goopy, messy slimes that my child always seems to have around. My expectations honestly weren't super high.. but it's actually perfect. The texture is slightly stretchy, but also very soft and fluffy. It doesn't make a stringy, sticky mess. And my kid loves the scent.

Kyle van Hasselt
Pretty good slime

Slime arrived a bit stiff. There is some minimal snow fallout, but the scent is amazing and the slime itself has an amazing drizzle!

Wayne Manning
love it

it came to my house earlier than expected and in a AMAZING slime

kristen d
amazing texture slime

right of the bat the smell is amazing just like cotton candy. the texture to the 7 yr old was this is cool overall satisfied customer

Grace F
So fun

Didn’t smell like cotton candy, but it wasn’t bad. I love this kind of slime though so it’s ok

Rena Finnell

...i.LoVe this Slime. This was my first time Ordering Any Slime. DopeSlime was Perfect for my first time. The Cotton Candy was So0o Soft with a lite sweet scent. Great De-stresser!

Great Slime but…

I just purchased this slime in a store and it’s great! It does have a kind of frosting scent that is a little too much for me but still good! I love the texture of it but it’s a bit wet and leaves like an entire pile on residue on your hands after playing with it. I would definitely recommend this slime because it’s great!