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Mickey's Cake Pops

Ultra thick and glossy slime with jumbo floam balls— smells just like cake batter and topped with rainbow mickey fimo slices! Super glossy and smells amazing!


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Chloe Knight

This is my favorite slime by far! It’s so crunchy, SO shiny, very thick and the smell is delicious! I would play with this for hours!

Best Smelling Slime!

Ugh, I absolutely love this slime. The scent is perfect! This slime arrived with a perfect consistency, and smell. I love the whole idea of this slime. The only thing about the packaging is when you put the Borax baggy in the same bigger baggy with the Dum Dum lollipops. The finer Borax power came out and went on the Dum Dum’s. I’m just letting you know! :) I am beyond happy with my purchases. Thank you so much!🖤💗

Fumiko Filson
Smells great!

I love the texture of this slime. Smells great. Not sure how I feel about the jumbo balls in it. It makes it a little hard to work with.

Not sure about the jumbo floam balls...

Well this was my first time getting a slime with the jumbo floam balls and I'm not sure how I feel about them. It's definitely a unique texture but it almost felt like they were in the way. They did create air in the slime which is great for bubble pops though. I played with it for a bit with them in but then ended up taking them out and just playing with the base of the slime. The base is super thick and glossy and is a very holdable slime. Very clicky and great for popping. It is a bit stiff and will rip if stretched too quickly. I love the Mickey sprinkles. They really gave it a cake appearance. The scent was nice too. Oh and when I first opened it I found a hair at the top. I just picked it off. It did bother me a bit, but it was the only time (...and I've purchased A LOT from dopeslimes) I've ever found a hair in one of this companies slimes so it's not a big deal. I don't know if I would get a jumbo floam slime again.


Awesome cake batter smell!! Love the jumbo foam balls and mini Mickey rainbow sprinkles!
Fun and enjoyable!


omgg i wanna eat them they smell so good and its veryy stretchy

Ashley Harris
Versatile and yummy

i can take the balls out for a more table top experience or leave them in to hold while i watch tv