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Melted Sapphire

melted sapphire is a stunning bright blue metallic slime! thick coated clear slime texture, great for holding & still stretches! scented lightly of sea glass, a refreshing slightly sweet scent that pairs perfectly with this slime! 💙comment a name & scent for this new slime, if i choose your idea i’ll send you a free package!✨ #blue #pigment #satisfying #dopeslimes ♬ Cool for summer x Pony - Kuya Magik

Customer Reviews

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Amber K.
Simply put, this slime is PHENOMENAL!

I don’t know if I want to let everyone know about this slime but its truly the best! It’s my absolute hands down favorite. The texture is jiggly, thick and makes amazing pops and snaps. The color is gorgeous and as you play with it the color slightly changes making it even more interesting. And oh my goodness the scent is the best scent I’ve ever experienced in a slime. It’s a super calming scent, very fresh and clean smelling. I cannot get enough of it! I honestly would’ve liked it to be a little stronger, but I know most people wouldn’t like that. I love using this slime when studying or working, and after a stressful day when watching tv it’s lovely texture and calming scent help get me relaxed. If you’re looking for a non-food scented slime I highly recommend this!


I’ve enjoyed this slime. It was very sticky when I received it but a little activator fixed it right up. The color is STUNNING and I could drizzle it all day. The scent is a little strong for my taste.

Sara Messore

This slime has to be one of the most gorgeous ones I have seen! The picture doesn’t do it justice! Plus it’s great for bubble pops, clicks and it also stretches nicely! Definitely in my favorites pile!

Great slime!

Was a little overactivated but when i ran it under some water it became very stretchy and a great slime! The color is nice and makes great bubble pops


This slime is so beautiful. It has the most amazing shimmer to it. The texture is great as well, not sticky. The scent is a bit strong, like a perfume.

Abby Edwards
Amazing! Smells so good and not sticky!

This is the best slime it’s so good and not sticky at all and super stretchy! Love it 😍