Mango Tango Boba

milky & ultra glossy thick slime scented just like mango bubble tea & topped with a charm + boba beads‚ú® stunning orange color too! ūü•≠mango tango boba! dropping this saturday @3pm MSTūüėć #slimeshop #mango #boba #satisfying ‚ô¨ Euphoria season 2 is making my brain explode - Mark Culp

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Great slime!

I love this slime so much! It came how described and is still very good after many days of playing with it! Smells super good too :)

Sabio Rocks (Like dis slime)

I love da slime. And I love da charm and da boba beads that are in it. And the color is kinda like peach, or like a peachy orange. And the slime is like thick and glossy. And before I did not know that Dope Slimes made thick and glossy.

Mango Tango Boba! Good Job!

Wow I am in love with this slime. I ordered two slimes from here and I think this is my favorite. It is so thick and glossy and is everything described, and more. It smells just like mango and the boba beads are so cute! The color is amazing! Super amazing, and I know I will be ordering more dope slime in the future. The only thing that is kind of annoying is that when I’m done playing with it the slimes does kinda double in size, but that is common in slimes so I don’t really care about that. I play with this slime all of the time and I love it. Thank you so much!

Ella Mårtensson
Nice the first 2,5 week

It has a great texture! loved the product but it shrunk and got all stiff and dry after 2 weeks. No amount of oil or lotion could fix that. Unfortunetly I had to through it away after only 2,5 weeks. Which is very expensive!

Olivia Sheng
Thick but no mango scent

The description said that the slime smells like mango bubble tea, but when I opened this, there was literally no smell. The texture is great and I love the addition of the "boba" beads though, and it has a nice gummy texture (similar to the texture of Sour Tangerine Gummy). I love how thick it is!

Denny Bubrig

Mango Tango Boba

Maximiliano Rios
I love it

It‚Äôs so thick and clicky!! I definitely recommend it!!ūü•į