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Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

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Thick and holdable fishbowl slime made after the Starbucks drink! Magenta colored fishbowl beads and black glitters throughout!

Unscented to preserve clarity.


Customer Reviews

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Scott Horowitz
Really hood slime

It’s really hood and the texture is out of this world but it fogged up and it won’t get clear again. Idk what I did?


i orderd this slime and it was pretty good at first their was to many beads and not really much slime but i still loved it a lot then i did not play with it for a few months and now its summer time and it MELTED omg its not even slime anymore its SO STICKY and MELTY its not fun to play with i dont know what to do with it anymore but my other slimes i order we a little sticky but not much but this slime is still fun to play with but play with it on a surface that you want to get sticky like a desk but i love this slime # STICKY # MELTY # LOVE IT # FUN # CUTE # STARBUCKS # NO SMELL which is good # KEEP PLAYING WITH IT # BEADS # GLITTER # CLEAR GLUE # DOPE IS AWSOME THANK YOU DOPE SO MUCH THIS IS A AWSOME SLIME SHOP # the # life

Aubrie McClead
Smell and fall out

There was alot of fall out and the smell was really bad and it was really bad where I couldn't even really play with might have just been the batch.

thumbs up

really liked it, ordered the 5 oz. it was pretty sticky tho, to where i couldn’t even fully take it out of the container cause it all stuck to me immediately. after making the activator and adding quite a bit in, it’s now perfect and still sticky enough for the bead thingys to stay in the slime. i also wish it was scented, as i’ve smelled the dragonfruit butter slime and it smells AMAZING

Elianna Bechtel
It did cloud up but it was playable

i love this clear slime, but i hate that it clouds up really fast and takes a long time to clear up again.

pretty good

it has amazing bubble pops, doesn’t have any scent, no fallout, and i love the color. the only thing i don’t like about the slime is it’s kind of tough (?) due to the fishbowl beads. it still stretches great and it makes AMAZING bubble pops. not my favorite slime i’ve bought though

It was great BUT

it was good but there was like one issue