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Leprechaun Potion

limited time st. patricks themed beautiful avalanche slime! starts with ultra clear base & topped with neon green + white thick slime that create a stunning avalanche effect. topped with jumbo rainbow fimos & a green soda bottle charm! scented just like sweet berry soda. 



Customer Reviews

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Amber K.
One of my favorites

First off this one is so pretty in the jar! I almost felt bad playing with it, but once mixed the color is shiny and a soft neon green! It’s a little sticky just because of the texture, but I love it that way! I haven’t had any issues with the slime leaving residue or being too sticky, but my younger kiddos really struggled with it just sticking to them like crazy, therefore this is not a beginner slime or one is let the little kids play with on the couch or in the car. It’s a kitchen table only slime for the younger ones. They still love the look and feel and satisfying pops and snaps it makes, so they still like to try playing with it. The smell is super interesting and unique, I smell a citrus soda type scent, that is nice and noticeable, but not at all overpowering! The charms are cute and really make this st Patrick’s day slime. The little rainbows really do not come out but they also don’t inhibit play. The little green bottle charm comes out very easily if you don’t like it in the slime. Overall super cool slime, very satisfying and fun for those who are not brand new to slime.

S Tracy

My kids love this slime! I also have a hard time not sitting and playing with it. It came packaged so well and the containers are completely packed full.

Kristin Knox
My kids loved it!

My boys loved finding the mini bottle!

Fun to mix!

A little sticky at first but a little activator fixed that, and I’d rather have it too sticky than too hard. Loved swirling it around and mixing it together into a nice bright green!

Brianna H

I loved mixing this slime. The colors were very cool plus it comes with some neat charms

Katherine Collins
Love it!

This one had a great smell and was fun to mix. It isn't quite as stretchy as I like, but still great.

Beautiful colors

My daughter loved this slime. She loved the charm and fimos.