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Lemon Mint Tea

This is my lemon mint tea slime, ultra thick and holdable clear glue base slime with tons of addins- jumbo & normal fimos, glitters, fake leafs, & clay chunks! the scent is sooo relaxing too, i blended lemon, mint, and tea and it smells just like the name!


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Lemon Mint Tea

So I actually really liked this one. For some reason I was expecting this to be a jelly slime (my fault not dopeslimes), but it's actually just a clear slime with a ton of add ins. Mine did arrive a bit sticky so I had to add a little activator but then it was perfect. I didn't think it was "ultra thick" as the description says but it was more on the holdable side. It didn't immediately "melt" when I held it in my hands like most clear slimes do. The add ins are what really make this slime awesome! There are so many of them, and it really gives you the feel of the theme of lemon mint tea. This slime has a great stretch and it's great for poking and squishing. The scent on this one is pretty refreshing. It doesn't have that household cleaner lemon scent that most lemon scented slimes have. The mixture of mint and tea with the lemon was a great idea. The scent is light but not too light. I would recommend trying it out.

Good smell but sticky.

I like the smell of this slime, but it arrived sticky and I cannot seem to resolve this issue no matter how much activator I use.
I would wate 4 stars if it wasn't so sticky.

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Its okay



This is my first tea scent purchase & it honestly came at the perfect
time. Where I'm at has been just unbearable, but the scent of this slime cools you down like a tall glass of lemon mint iced tea on a scorching summer's day🤤🤤🤤It's suuuper thick w the best texture. Kudos on the add-in combos in this one!!!
Two thumbs up👍👍

Smells Great - Very Sticky

I love the scent, but I'm battling stickiness. I basically have to reactivate it every time I want to use it. The bubble pops are delightful and there are some great add-ins for texture.

Kind of a mess at first, but great scent

It was a bit hotter out when I got my last order so this slime took a lot of love before I got it to where I could play with it. So be warned, it probably will be a bit sticky. The scent was amazing though, especially if you like scents that aren't as sweet

Love it

It smells amazing and the texture is great. It did come a bit melted but I expected that since I ordered it in the summer.