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Lavender Fields

layered clay heavy butter slime with white could slime on top, mixes into a ultra soft cloud dough that you won’t be able to put down! scented just like lavender and topped with purple clay chunks!! the texture is so unique, almost like a super thick, buttery cloud slime! this slime fluffs up like cloud and has a slight fast drizzle!


Customer Reviews

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I like this slime

Love it!

Smells great and fun to play with!

Relaxing Slime

So this slime had me confused and I almost thought I received the wrong one when I first got it. It came already completely mixed which I know is not the sellers fault but it does take away from the fun of it a bit. I also didn't have the small purple clay shavings on mine like the picture. I thought maybe they had just mixed in already but I didn't find any throughout the slime either. This is a soft fluffy cloud cream slime and I did enjoy the texture a lot. It's so fun to squish and spread. Mine didn't have a drizzle at all like it was advertised though. I think it's too thick to really have a good drizzle. It does have a stronger lavender scent but I personally find it to be very relaxing. The smell might even make you sleepy. Would make a great bedside table slime. This slime didn't leave any snow residue on my hands or table, probably because it didn't feel like there was much snow in it at all. Still not 100% sure I got the slime I was supposed to but at least I liked the one I got.

Amazing overall!

I love this slime. The only complaint I have is that it had melted together by the time it arrived, so I didn’t get to mix it. The texture and scent are spectacular!

Finn James
Fun and relaxing

Smells great, fun to mix together and Is very relaxing to play with

Tammy Miller
Great smell!

This is one of my favorites! Lobe the smell and the consistency!!


The smell is lovely, but with a playdoh undertone. I love it nonetheless!!